Sunday, October 18, 2015

the archaeological establishment is reclassifying early primates as mankind in order to save the sacred 'out of africa' theory

we have all sorts of non-h0mo sapiens primates (man-apes) living in asia many hundreds of thousands of years ago (h0mo erectus, h0mo floresiensis, etc etc). These asian primates came to asia from africa a long long time ago.

Now, the mainstream theory is that about 60K or 70k years ago modern man came out of africa and spread all over the world and displaced these primitive man-apes. That 'out of africa' theory also satisfies the white guilt complex installed in most educated white by elite propaganda.

So the 'out of africa' theory is essentially a sacred part of the propaganda-based religion of educated whites.

Now recently we have new evidence of teeth from modern man in china that is over 100K years old. Oh, they say, NOW the diaspora happened over 100k years ago. Modern man still evolved in africa, they say. They cling to their religion. They adapt their theory to the evidence.

Now we also have new evidence that genes of modern asian man spread into africa. From asia into africa. Not out of africa, but into africa.

OK, here is what probably really happened (and what the evidence will finally show someday): that non-h0mo sapiens primates came out of africa a long time ago, maybe even a million years ago, or even more, and THEN evolved into modern man while in ASIA and not while in africa, and then spread back INTO africa. Out of africa as h0mo erectus (or homo habilis or whatever) and then evolved into h0mo sapiens in Asia, and then spread all over eurasia AND BACK INTO africa as modern man, h0mo sapiens. Modern africans are almost certainly a product of gene flow from asia.

But the priests of social science will not allow that to happen. They are already even now seeing what the evidence is going to show, and they are preparing for it. How? They are now preparing, laying the groundwork for rewriting the classifications of mankind and saying that earlier primates that were not previously called h0mo sapiens (e.g., erectus) will now be called just another form of modern man. They are already calling for the reclassification of erectus and habilis as just another form of h0mo sapiens.

Why? That way they can still adhere to the sacred 'out of africa' theology.

And again I ask--why am I the only person on earth to see this yet? What is so special about me? If I am really this smart (and it would that I do have something special), why aint I rich??

Friday, September 18, 2015

CorpGovMedia seeks out economic growth as a shark seeks out blood

CorpGovMedia uses mass immigration as a growth strategy:

See this news media article about how the refugees will help grow the German economy.

as technology cuts costs over time, inflation drops, and growth drops....CorpGovMedia is a machine that seeks out growth as a shark seeks out blood, as a mosquito seeks out warm bodies...because technology has depressed inflation and growth, along with lower birth rates, CorpGovMedia has turned to mass immigration for growth.

In order to manufacture consent for mass immigration, CorpGovMedia has created a decades-long propaganda campaign, implemented through the media, hollywood and the educational curriculum. This pro-immigration, anti-white, pro-nonwhite propaganda campaign is the defining event of our era.

Friday, September 11, 2015

the media/corporations fear Trump for how he counteracts their multiculturalist propagnada

the real value of trump is that he dares to speak ill of immigrants, and since most immigrants are nonwhite, he dares to speak ill of nonwhites. I refer to Trump's comments that illegals are raping, etc.

This anti-immigrant speech of his contradicts the long-dominant multiculturalist propaganda regime that was installed in american minds starting decades ago.

Perhaps the primary axiom of this multiculturalist propaganda regime is that Immigrants Are Good People.

This primary axiom is crucial in the process of manufacturing consent for mass immigration.

Forget the GOP. Forget the wall. Forget policy specifics. Forget conservatism.

That stuff is good window dressing, a distraction.

What really matters is attacking the primary axioms or tenets of the dominant propaganda regime. And Trump has done that. He has dared to insinuate that immigrants may not be Good People.

And he has done what no other prominent voice has dared to do--to go directly against the primary axiom of the multiculturalism-based growth scheme that the corporations/govt/media have crammed down our throats.
This is what really scares the big corporations and the media that is funded by them and that speaks for them.

This is why the media has savaged trump at every possible opportunity. It's not because they think he might build a wall. That is laughable. They fear him because he has a bully pulpit and he is damaging the grip of the multiculturalist propaganda that facilitates and enables the mass immigration growth machine that feeds corporate profits via flooding of the labor supply, wage depression and growth in consumer base.

This is the first battle we the white middle class have won in decades. And hopefully trump will get elected. You see, trump's value to us middle class whites is not what he might do in office, but what he might say during the campaign or while in office.

This whole multiculturalist propaganda regime depends on the integrity and dominance of the primary tenets of multiculturalism, and the most important one is that immigrants are good people. The regime has long pushed the subtextual idea that immigrants are sacred and holy. Trump threatens that depiction.

If trump can destroy that idea, then that is a major step towards breaking the grip of corp/gov/media.

And let's talk about immigrants and their personal qualities.

Yes, some immigrants are fine people. But many are not.

Consider the immigrant in his homeland. Perhaps the largest segment of immigrants are men who up and leave their families. Never see them or talk to them again. yeah....

Also many immigrants leave because they are failures in their homeland. One big reason they are failures there is because they are mentally off-kilter, unbalanced, or just a bad person. Or just greedy, lusting after money and riches. I would not call these people good people.

Some have criminal records.

The good ones succeed and fit in. The bad ones come here.
Immigrants are disproportionately bad people. Why? Because the good ones are much more likely to stay at home, to succeed, to fit in.

This is the truth, at least to some degree.

But what is important here is that the media/academia/hollywood shove another viewpoint down our throats--that immigrants are totally good. Even sacred and holy.

That is what I am talking about---this disconnect between reality and the propaganda regime.

And it is all done in the name of corporate profits.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

are you a BadWhite or a GoodWhite?

and ne'er the twain shall meet....

Interesting and far-ranging article by The Derb over on Vdare.

A quote:
The Narrative, capital “N,” is the mental picture of the world cherished by the Goodwhite side in the Cold Civil War against Badwhites. A core component of the Narrative is that Badwhites are full of malice towards blacks, and are always seeking ways to harm them. They lurk around in dark places, nursing their guns—and probably their Bibles, too—just waiting for a black victim to come by.

The thing about the current American Narrative is that it is so similar to the narratives of history that were crammed down the throats of the populace during earlier fascist regimes--Nazi germany, Hirohito Japan, Stalin USSR, Mussolini Italy. Heck, even the Manifest Destiny narrative from 19th century america.The thing about the current American Narrative is that it is so similar to the narratives of history that were crammed down the throats of the populace during earlier fascist regimes--Nazi germany, Hirohito Japan, Stalin USSR, Mussolini Italy. Heck, even the Manifest Destiny narrative from 19th century america.

People are run by propaganda. The regime gets into the heads of young people and thus enables and manufactures consent for policies that benefit the elite years down the road. It's like domesticating cattle.

When you write the program that runs a person, you own that person. The regime bought that person with propaganda.

And what you own always comes back to the child come back to the parent.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

maybe trump IS a narcisscist...OK, fine. Actually, maybe that is a Good Thing

Over on Real Clear Politics, some halfwit journalist is regurgitating one of the media's talking points regarding Trump, namely that he has a personality disorder, in this case, narcisscism.

OK, as a trump supporter, I concede your point.
Maybe Trump's a Narcissist. Fine.
Here is the important thing about that:
We trump supporters don't care what sort of personality disorder trump has. He could be a psychopath, and we would not care a bit.

As long as trump is beating up on Corp/Gov/Media, we love him.

In fact, if trump does have a personality disorder that drives him to say what he says, maybe that is something we of the white working class can use.

If he were to send his bodyguard to physically ATTACK journalists at press conferences, we would cheer.

The more he abuses the media and the establishment, the more his polls numbers climb.

Trump is a weapon. And we, the white working class, we gonna use him....BIG TIME.

The corporate media has been attacking whites for decades now.

Guess what, sweetie? Time to pay the piper. And Trump gonna collect.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Comparison/contrast between the Dylann Roof church shooting and the Virginia newscaster Vester Flanagan shooting

this Vester Flanagan shooting and the church shooting by Roof are both manifestations of a propaganda war that has been going on for decades and which has gone into exponential growth mode since the election of obama.

I call this propaganda war "anti-white multiculturalism."

This started decades ago, and it was born of the upper class/corporate desire for more cheap labor and for growth in consumer base. This "overclass" wanted to bring nonwhites and immigants into american workplaces and neighborhood and thus increase the supply of workers and consumers.

But the white working class culture was an obstacle to this inclusion on nonwhites and immigrants.

So this overclass started a propaganda campaign, a war, actually, to destroy the white working class culture that prevented economic growth via inclusiveness combined with mass immigration.

This all started decades ago, and the propaganda was generated and spread primarily via grant money given to the "right kind" of writers, activists, and academics. Eventually this overclass money changed the culture, creating anti-white multiculturalism.

This anti-white multiculturalism shapes worldviews and psychology.

Most people can handle the cognitive dissonance generated by the difference in what anti-white multiculturalism tells us and what we see in the world.

Antiwhite multiculturalism tells us that whites and bad and blacks are good. Roof however was exposed to evidence counteracting that. A lot of white ameicans know this, but they develop various psychological devices to handle this cognitive dissonance.

Dylann Storm Roof could not handle the cognitive dissonance, and his psychological compensation devices were destroyed by exposure to evidence of this war on whites.

So Roof was really fighting back against the overclass.

This black newscaster in virginia was really triggered by the recent white-race-guilt news media events, specifically Trayvon/zimmerman/ferguson etc.

The media has been so warped by decades of anti-white multiculturalism propaganda that it has created these travesties of white race guilt and by doing so they have wound up any number of psychologically unstable blacks like this newscaster. And another factor is that this newscaster probably got by in his career because of affirmative action. At least until his psychological state deteriorated.

In Roof and this newscaster we have two different types of victims in a way. Roof, his psychological compensations destroyed by evidence counteracting the anti-white multiculturalism crammed into his brain, was triggered into action by anger at his own victimization.

The virginia newscaster Vester Flanagan was told over and over by the media, at least subtextually, that he was being victimized by white racism and that it was OK to fight back against it in any manner. That is the subtextual message that has been transmitted by these media white race guilt travesties like Trayvon/zimmerman et al.

These media travesties are virtually baseless and without real worth, and yet the media is telling blacks (subtextually) that they are evidence of widespread persecution and bias. This sends the message that any sort of action against whites is morally OK.

it is ironic that the media killed their own here. The media wound up Flanagan with their anti-white propaganda, and then he went and killed him some journalists. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trump talks about immigration with a vocabulary and cadence that speaks to the majority bloc. And The Establishment fears that.

Trump is a propaganda weapon.

I support trump not for what I think he will do in office, but for what I think he will say while campaigning and while in office if elected.

This culture is shaped by propaganda. And the culture affects behavior and policies.

Corp/Gov/Media has used propaganda to shape the culture and manipulate the populace, lo, these many years.

Now we have a propaganda weapon of our own, a loose cannon of propaganda who is able to counter Corp/Gov/Media's elite-centric propaganda with counter-propaganda slanted to the majority working class interests.

And it is not just WHAT he says, but how he says it. His language moves the political debate into the domain of the average person.

Corp/Gov/Media prefers to keep the political discussions bloodless and dispassionate, couched in the language of academia and bureaucracy, the better to leave the populace disinterested and not voting and not discussing and not talking about these populist issues.

When trump talks about immigration, he does it in a way that threatens to arouse and inflame the emotions of the majority working class bloc.

His vocabulary and rhetoric speak to the majority bloc.

If this bloc ever gets aroused and angry, Corp/Gov/Media will take some damage.

This war is being fought with memes/propaganda. We have been on the losing end for so long. But it is not hard to see that Corp/Gov/Media fears that trump is and will say things that counter the propaganda of Corp/Gov/Media .

Sunday, August 9, 2015

During the GOP debate Jeb Bush stated that immigration should be considered as a driver for economic growth. ...

Take a look at these two youtube links to what Jeb Bush said about illegal immigration during the August GOP debate

In both of these GOP debate statements Bush gives a statement that perfectly encapsulates the mainstream consensus wisdom on immigration, both legal and illegal--it is a driver for economic growth.

Now, the Dissident Right believes that the establishment just wants to make the Democratic party more powerful by getting more democratic voters. Who are these idiots?

Immigration is favored by the establishment, by the media, by Big Business, etc as a source of economic growth. And right here in front of you is the ultimate establishment candidate saying just that.

Do I have to keep saying this again and again?

Mass immigration and its cousin multiculturalism is all about economic growth.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

why erickson & redstate rejected trump

erickson knows that the establishment is desperate to hurt trump, and of course erickson wants to promote his site, redstate, and he knows that if he rejects trump the establishment will reward him with free media publicity.

Free media publicity is a huge part of how the establishment shapes and molds the public debate and the rules of behavior in our culture. It is the carrot and the stick. Those who transgress and threaten the establishment's supply of immigrant workers and consumers will get the stick, and those who play along, some of them will get the carrot of free media publicity.

Trump is so rich, egotistical and narcissistic that he cares little for either the carrot or the stick.

Trump is a potential propaganda-weapon to be wielded by the working class against the establishment and its propaganda enforcers in the corporate media.

Friday, July 31, 2015

sanders & trump both use a "limited stalking horse" to walk a fine line on immigration.

both trump and sanders have taken brilliant approaches to denouncing immigration via a limited stalking horse.

Trump is using criminal illegals to denounce immigration, via this limited stalking horse that is hard to deem as racist. After all, there is a heck of a lot of evidence that has already seeped into the consciousness of the white middle class, evidence that foreigners DO indeed commit a lot of crimes.

And Sanders is denouncing immigration but limiting his attacks to 'open borders.' After all, very few "nice white middle class americans" would say that open borders is good.

The key to both these approaches is to attack immigration and defy the media via an attack that cannot really be successfully characterized by the media as racist.

Once the media can convince "nice white middle class americans" that you are a racist, you are doomed.

By defying the media on immigration, both sanders and trump are attracting a group of high-information, keenly aware americans who think mass immigration is bad. This group of high-information voters can provide an early campaign boost.

The key to this strategy is to use a limited stalking horse that cannot be used by the media to demonize you as racist. Once the media can successfully characterize you as racist, you have lost most of the "nice white middle class americans."

This group of "nice white middle class americans" is much larger that the high-information anti-immigration voters, the ones who can boost your campaign early. You want to attract the high-information, activist voters by defying the media on immigration and at the same time not lose the "nice white middle class americans" by saying something that could be construed as racist.

It's a fine line they both walk.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The forgetten history of race riots and labor economics

oh, look, yet another "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" Modern Race Relations for Dummies article from the Dissident Right.In this article you correctly note that anti-white multiculturalism has been crammed down our throats in school for decades now. Great of you to notice that. And you noted that whites are not allowed to have racial consciousness. Yup. That be the truth, all right.

This anti-white multiculturalism is all part of a radical change in american culture. But why did this happen? Where did it come from?

Large scale radical change does not happen at random. There are always reasons why these things happen.

The fatal flaw of the Dissident Right is that they are not allowed to notice certain aspects of history.  Really, this is a taboo. The Dissident Right has a taboo about asking 'why' things happen.

It is taboo for liberals to notice that blacks are violent towards whites or that blacks are the most violent race on this planet.

But the Dissident Right has its taboos as well. Economics racial history and historical perspective is taboo when it comes to the Dissident Right. It's like all those old race riots from the 1800s have been wiped from the history books. Where is this economics-based racial history? It is sorely needed now. Why? Perspective.

Because the history of the american racial labor conflict is taboo on the Dissident Right. All we are allowed to do on the Dissident Right is get our "two minute hate" on regarding liberals and blacks. We are forbidden to ask why or to put anti-white multiculturalism into perspective. Perspective. Such an important word.

The Dissident Right (and the Establishment Right and the standard mainstream liberal doctrine) have all crammed our racial economics history down the memory hole. Forbidden stuff! Taboo!

Go and google this phrase: Mass racial violence in the United States.

You will get a wikipedia article. That is a very important article. That article will lead you down a path of history that has been avoided and forgotten by both the mainstream and dissident right.

Study that article and the history it talks about. Study it well. Research the race riots it discusses. Those race riots it talks about contain the key to understanding why anti-white multiculturalism happened, about why white kids in america know much more about black history than white history, and why Dylann Roof did what he did. And that forgotten history contains a key to understanding why the Dissident Right has a taboo about Noticing Economics-Based Racial History.

Perspective. Once you read and understand that forgotten racial economics-based history, you can put this anti-white multiculturalism into historical perspective.

What is the gist of what we can glean from that wikipedia page? Answer: whites citizens of america have a long history of fighting to defend their economic turf from competing sources of labor, including blacks and immigrants.
That's right--Fighting. Fighting to defend our turf, fighting to keep out cheap black labor and cheap immigrant labor.

And who wanted that cheap labor? Answer: those who buy labor. Who buys labor? The upper class and corporations.

So that is an insight for you into the forgetten history of america. It's still there. But they don't really teach or emphasize that aspect of history. Instead, our schools emphasize the cruelty of white racism and slaveowning.

Perspective. It all depends on perspective.

So back when a man provided for his family with his strong back, white americans fought to defend their economic turf and keep out competitors. But the schools today don't really teach that paradigm. They don't like to tell us about Capital versus Labor when it comes to race.

The upper class and the corporations that bought labor in the 1800s were also fighting against white americans. They fought to bring in cheap nonwhite and foreign labor. White americans were able to use jim crow and other political solutions to keep out cheap labor, at least to some degree.

Then other changes took place in america. White collar work became more important. Education was necessary. But previously education has been primarily the domain of the upper class exclusively, of Capital. Higher education was a creation of, for and by the upper class, Capital, those who bought. As time went on, of course, the vast majority of college students were of the white working class. But the character and perspective of higher education is still based primarily on the perspective of Capital, those who buy labor.

Looking back 100 years or more, how does the perspective of Capital towards cheap nonwhite and immigrant labor differ from the perspective of the white majority working class?

The white workers saw the outsiders, the blacks and immigrants, as intruders, stealing the bread from the mouths of their families.

Capital, on the other hand, those who bought labor, saw cheap black and immigrant labor as a boon, as putting bread into their families' mouths.

Different perspectives that are based on different and adversarial personal interests.

So, advances in technology made white collar work and college education more widespread. But college was the creation of the upper class, and of course its perspectives were those of the upper class.

So do you think higher education would portray nonwhites and immigrants as good or bad?

So do you think you now see why our current educational curriculum is slanted towards portraying whites in general as the devils of history?

Do you now understand why we are told these things in school about our history?

Do you see why the upper class has cherry picked history to present a certain perspective?

Do you see why white guilt puts money into the wallets of Capital?

You get to them young and you own them for life. With a few exceptions.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Trump supporters are socially Right and economically Left.

That is a statement from this National Review article.

I agree with that: we trump supporters are indeed socially Right and economically Left.

And that terrifies CorpGovMedia. The corporate media and the big corporations that support the media via advertising purchases have long managed to enforce an ideological apartheid in america--they have curated and maintained both Left and Right dogmas to be friendly to those at the top.

As for the GOP, CorpGovMedia has molded and shaped its ideology to be anti-welfare state and pro-business. That way those at the top win, even though the GOP is purportedly anti-immigration.

As for the Dems, CorpGovMedia has molded and shaped its ideology to be pro-immigration. That way those at the top win, even though the Dems are purportedly pro-welfare state.

The radical middle (and the Trump coalition) is pro-welfare state (for the elderly) and anti-immigration.

That mixing and matching of Left and Right ideology is deadly for the corporations and the media.

The big dirty open secret of american politics is that immigration is now the primary source of corporate profit growth. And that is why the media/govt/corporations are going into such a tizzy over Trump. He threatens to break the CorpGovMedia rice bowl.

If Trumps gets the GOP nomination, he will crush Clinton (or Sanders, who is a much better candidate).

You wanna know why? Because we are legion. Most of us never even vote. But if trump get the GOP nomination, we will come out to play....

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trump attacks the media. The media downplays it and avoids the real issue

an interesting Trump interview with Anderson Cooper yesterday. The basic argument trump was making was that the people don't trust the media. As soon as trump said "the people don't trust the media," Cooper said "...or the politicians."

So Cooper did not really want to talk about how a major aspect of the trump phenomenon is that the most of the american people don't like the media, don't trust them, and that the reason for trump's success is that he is defying the media, and will not back down to the them.

Go search google on this interview. NONE of the media headlines lead off with the primary aspect of this interview. They are making it into a Trump vs Cooper thing, not a Trump vs the media thing.

Here is a screenshot of the google search I got for this interview:

The headlines do not address Trump's primary argument--the the people don't trust the media.

The media is trying to downplay the "people don't trust the media" aspect of this interview and of the whole trump phenomenon.

When cooper inserts a tangential meme right after trump says that the people don't trust the media---cooper counters with "...or the politicians," what he is doing is trying to subvert the thrust of trump's primary argument--that the people don't trust the media.

This is the one aspect of the trump phenomenon that the media is trying to avoid and downplay--trump is really attacking the media more than anything else. And the media is really afraid of that idea.

In order to sell ads, the media needs to be seen as the good guys. They are not of course, especially if you are a working class white american. The media has waging war on us for decades now.

But the media here is trying to avoid this crucial nexus of the trump phenomenon. I sure hope trump pursues this angle.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

sandra bland and the police state that demands complete submission

many cops seek out any sign that a person is not submissive, and they seize upon it. That is exactly what happened here. The american police have seized social dominance and demand submission from all they encounter. Even a certain facial expression or surly tone of voice provides them the chance, the opportunity to show their dominance over a person. Submit or die. And when I say submit, I mean they expect complete and robotic submission.

People are not robots, however. But in order to preserve our lives during an encounter with our police overlords, we must become robots. Obsequious robots, constantly monitoring our expressions and vocal tones in order to maintain our robotic composure during police encounters. In order to save our lives.

If that is not a police state, I don't know what is.

Now, this Sandra Bland was black, and of course the media is programmatically seeking to make this a black vs white issue, a la Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, etc. The police officer is actually hispanic, from what I can tell, based on his surname.

But this is not a black vs white thing. This is about the police seeking dominance over others.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

we love trump because he stands up to the media

most of the white working class HATES the media.

Trump will not bow to the media.

Most of the white working class is loving it.

But the media will not admit this or even mention it.

Most of us in the white working class know the media is against us.

We are looking for a weapon to use against the media.

Enter Trump.

Why does the white working class hate the media? Because the media makes war on the white working class. The media wages this war on behalf of the corporations that buy ads in the media, thus supporting the media.

the white working class is the obstacle that prevents the corporations/media from cramming one billion or more cheap labor third world immigrants into america.

The media/corporations crave these human cattle -- mass immigration is how the media/corporations get growth. The media demonizes the white working class, trying to induce white guilt into them, the better to manufacture consent for more mass immigration.
This is why we hate the media. Trump is standing up to you. And we love it. And the media will not even admit it or mention this aspect of it.

I hope trump smacks the bejesus out of some journalist during this campaign.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

will there be a revolt by the white working class?

over on, commentator Honesthughgrant said thusly:

Judging by the past, I see no evidence that Boobus Americanus is EVER going to wake up and fight back. They’ve taken no-win wars like Vietnam, Busing, massive illegal immigration, affirmative action, the de-industrialization of the heartland, inflation, foreign aid, Government corruption, run-away deficit spending, the erasure of Christianity from the Public square, constant Judicial tyranny, and a TV/pop culture that pisses on everything they hold dear without any intelligent protest.

Indeed. And why SHOULD there be any revolt? In order to understand why there will not likely be any revolt, you have to understand what homo sapiens is.

Homo sapiens, wise man, thinking man, is a biological machine. Sociobiologist EO Wilson called mankind the primate that adopted the ant/termite/bee model of social organization. That is quite correct.

Understand the origins of our species. We developed a big brain, and it helped us survive, compete and thrive.

How do ants and bees tell each other of food sources? Ants lay a trail of pheromones to the food source. Bees dance a dance before the other bees, and the gyrations of that dance translate to a path to the nectar trove.

Communication of ideas.

Primitive, compared to our own, but the concept is the same.

Our ancestor primates grew larger brains, and thus were able to transmit, understand, and re-transmit complex ideas--how to trap the herd, how to defend the tribe with traps, how to migrate to a new food source. Our tribal leaders were able to transmit complex ideas to the tribe.

And further, the tribe developed social bonds through a culture. That culture bound the loyalty of each tribe member to the tribe. Rituals were developed to strengthen these bonds. Tribe members who threw off these cultural bonds did not in general reproduce as much as tribe members who internalized and accepted these cultural bonds. So mankind has logic and rationality, but within certain bounds. In general, adult tribe members accept the reigning culture of the tribe. Young homo sapiens--teens-- will of course test these bounds. That trait was for various reasons something that helped homo sapiens survive.

But in general mankind evolved and became a hierarchical tribal species that handed down a bundle of ideology from the top of the tribe, and those ideas were accepted and internalized by the rest of the tribe.

Homo sapiens is held together by ideas and ideology. That is in our nature.

And it worked fine. At tribal and village and small city level.  We took over the world. But nowadays, in nations of hundreds of millions of people, our innate tendency to be organized around ideology is being exploited by those at the top. It's called propaganda.

Our culture has been shaped by the efforts of those at the top. The various subcultures of america have been domesticated, evolved, shaped by those at the top in order to serve their financial interests.

Homo sapiens domesticated livestock. The first cow was different from the cattle in the dairy farms today. The first cow ever milked by man had little milk and would kill you if it could. Not today. Big udders and a gentle disposition. Mankind, over time, bred cattle to shape the species to serve man.

Cultures and subcultures are the same way. They are quasi-organic entities that can be shaped and molded over time by insertion of ideas friendly to those at the top--plutocrats and big corporations.

Those cultures and subcultures control us, at least to a great degree, in general.

These domestication of the culture has been hastened to a great degree by technology--tv and newspaper and schools and radio and movies etc are channels through which ideology is transmitted. And these channels are to a great degree centralized. Thus, the overclass can insert its ideology more easily than if ideology transmission channels were decentralized. 100 years ago, 200 years, 300 years ago, ideology transmission channels were in general much more decentralized. Ideas were to some degree transmitted from local sources--the corner church, the farmers grange, the union hall, the men's club, etc.

In the last 75 years or so, the overclass has domesticated the culture and subcultures via these centralized ideology transmission channels. And we have been balkanized and demonized and domesticated to a fare-thee-well. Self-loathing whites who gleefully prate about the end of the white race are domesticated creatures owned by the overclass. Likewise, "conservative" whites whose every other word is "socialist," same thing. Owned.  Domestic cattle of the overclass.

There is really only one source of possible help--the internet. As it grows more sophisticated, person to person transmission channels are becoming more dominant. Look at facebook. Compare news story transmission from 30 years ago to what goes on today. 30 years ago, a new story was published by the overclass in a newspaper, and it went right into your brain.

Today, however, that story is shared on facebook, and the sharer gives his/her own opinion on it. And facebook friends comment. A different dynamic. One that may not bode well for the overclass control over the culture.

Soon, no doubt, more and more person to person, mass communication channels will be opened up by the internet by means of wireless internet over large cities. This may well be a game changer. Completely decentralized.

I do not do what I do for money. I do this to inject my ideas into the stream of ideas. The better to fight back against the overclass and help change the culture.

Ah, sweet release. I have injected my ideas into your brain. Ah....

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hollywood tells women that they can kick men's asses. But reality tells them otherwise.

A quarterback for Florida State brushed rudely past a young woman the other day, and in return the woman turned around and hit him in the face.

The athlete smacked her in the face, reminding her of the stark inequality between men and women.

For a clue as to why this young lady raised her fist and struck a young athlete, a seemingly unwise move, just look at the movies and TV shows coming out of hollywood today.

Many if not most the movies and shows today feature females as quasi-males. The mad max/fury road movie in recent days apparently is yet another example of such "kick ass babes" propaganda from hollywood.

Young women today have been propagandized by CorpGovMedia to think they are the equal of men, even physically.

They are not, as this young woman discovered.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Red State vs Blue State minds--how the propaganda of the educational system creates Blue State minds

Steve Sailer is talking about the differences between Red State America vs Blue State America. His theory is that it has to do with density population and affordable housing.
I disagree. When it comes to blue state vs red state, it is not the density divide, but instead it is the propaganda divide.
Big Business needs density of workforce for white collar workforces. Hence, their locations in metro areas for office jobs.
The office job is associated with college education. In general.
College education has a heavy dose of multiculturalist propaganda. Also, those who go to college and do well (and get hired) are those who are deep into their studies and are therefore those who accept and internalize the tenets and dogma of the multiculturalist propaganda that makes up a great deal of formal education in america.
So the white people in metro areas are far more propagandized than those who live out in flyover country. In general.
So perhaps the main difference between blue and red america is how much those brains were molded and shaped by propaganda handed down from on high.
The contents of the red brains vs blue brains. That is the thing.
Out in rural areas, in general, the white populace has less formal education. You don’t need a degree to slop hogs or to drive a pickup around checking gas pipelines valves. And you knew that when you were in high school. So you did not delve deeply into your schoolwork. And so you did not internalize as deeply the tenets of multiculturalism and white race guilt. In general.
Regarding propaganda in general, over the past 150 years or so, mankind is in general controlled in large part by propaganda campaigns created by the rich and powerful.
Manifest destiny? It was a propaganda campaign, a propaganda war, waged by Big Business/plutocrats in order to manufacture consent for opening up and developing undeveloped territories. You prep and motivate the populace through propaganda. That way new territories for business are opened up. More places to do business equals more profit for those at the top.
The Manifest Destiny propaganda campaign was very similar to the propaganda campaigns that led to the recent and ongoing wars in the middle east. These undeclared wars are less about terrorism and more about generating economic activity and opening up and developing new territories for business.
Follow the money, always.
Regarding your statement that “In the Twitter Age, status competitions tend to be played out online in the realm of ideology, with the more implausible your dogmas, the higher your status,” I disagree.
The youth of today are highly propagandized because they need a lot of education to get a job. The invading foreigners are taking most blue collar jobs, and factory jobs are sold overseas. The white youth of america are just internalizing the multiculturalist propaganda fed to their young and impressionable minds. They are striving to be Good People, as defined by what they have been told by the educational curriculum. Young people have always pushed the outside of the envelope. That is hardwired into us by evolution. And they are taking to the limits the multiculti dogma pushed into them by the overclass.