Sunday, April 26, 2015

Whites are cowed by angry black rioters in Baltimore. Why are whites cowed by black anger?

over on, steve sailer posted a video of black rioting and cowed whites hiding in a restaurant. Here is another video relating to another incident during that rioting.

I responded to a comment by Lackawanna:

Imagine if black rioters attacked a bar full of sports fans outside of a game in England?
There is something especially wrong with Americans as opposed to white folks in general.
Yeah, that is a good point. American whites have been programmed to fear black violence and to be cowed by black anger. How did this happen? It’s a complex path.
Part of it probably comes from hollywood and the entertainment and publishing industries and their longtime depiction of black prisoners raping white man. You wanna talk about a dominance display? That’s it, baby! Decades of implanting the image of the alpha black male prisoner mounting a supine lily-white male prisoner. Implanting that image again and again into the mind of whites. Dominance and fear. The fear of prison and being raped by a black enforcer keeps those white restaurant goers from pulling out a gun and firing into that crowd of black rioters. That and gun laws, of course.
I guess the Brits just have not had enough black residents for long enough to allow the establishment to be able to implant an image of the black male enforcer into the white european mind yet. Plus, american prisons have long been horror fests, whereas all the western european prisons have been generally quite mild for some time now. That will of course change as diversity takes hold more firmly there.
How did the establishment learn to use the angry black male as a fear-inducing tool to cow whites? How do non-poisonous animal species learn to imitate poisonous species?

Friday, April 24, 2015

As the toxoplasma gondii parasite is to the mouse, so is the multinational corporation to the self-loathing white liberal

Over at radix journal, a writer asked why white liberals hate those whites who do not hate their own whiteness.

You go to the arctic. You look around. You see white foxes there. You ask yourself why they are not red like the rest of the foxes in the world. You look around some more. You see a lot of snow. It's white. You surmise that natural selection shaped and molded the fox. The climate is therefore the force that caused the fox to be white.

It is important to understand the forces that cause things to happen. A tribe of african bushmen cannot design a car because they do not understand the forces in this universe. Etc.

Understanding why white liberals are self loathing is important.

Just as you stood there in the arctic and deduced the forces that caused the fox to be white you must now observe the human social ecosystem and try to understand the forces that cause whites to be self-loathing.

Propaganda is the force. Applied to young and malleable minds. Propaganda that delivers a narrative, that delivers a world view based on certain aspects of history. Whites are evil because they enslaved nonwhites. Now whites today must atone for the sins of their past. Atone how? By allowing nonwhites into the workforce and neighborhood and even into america by the tens of millions. That then creates growth and depresses wages and increases profits. These beliefs of whites and the consequent white self-loathing generate increased corporate profits. Propaganda creates profits.

But what forces created the propaganda and why?

You stand in a large city and ask what forces were in play in this situation?

What are the major forces in this ecosystem?

You see skyscrapers that dominate this human ecosystem.  What actors created them? These ecosystem-dominating structures were created by large aggregations of capital called "corporations."

Corporations, multinational corporations are the dominant forces in our human social ecosystem. You don't have to look to jews, the frankfurt school or liberals themselves. The answer is right in front of us, just like the snow was right in front of us in the arctic. Large corporations are the dominant forces in this society, and they created the propaganda indoctrination system that created self-loathing whites.


Why do tree roots seek water? Why does a beetle seek animal turds? Why do lions seek the gazelle? Why does the Toxoplasma gondii parasite behaviorally modify the mouse's brain so as to cause it to lose its fear of cats? So that the mouse will then be eaten by the cat and thus allow the parasite to enter the intestines of the cat so it may reproduce there.

Everywhere you look you see organisms interacting with the ecosystem, even seeking to modify the ecosystem so as to allow them to survive and even thrive.

The corporations seek growth and increased profits. That is their prime directive, and they will seek to interact with their ecosystem so as to ensure survival and even thrive. These are the dominant forces in our ecosystem.

You see that whites are self-loathing. You see that 50 years they were not. 70 years ago they were proud to be white. What caused this radical change? Obviously the most dominant forces in this ecosystem played the major role in this dramatic shift.

Why and how?

Corporations seek increased profit and growth. Just as they use K Street and the lobbyists in DC to shape and mold the laws and policies of the USA so as to enhance growth and profits, so too do they shape and mold the culture of the USA and even the worldviews and beliefs of americans so as to enhance corporate profits. They use the educational curriculum as propaganda to shape the culture of america and the beliefs and worldviews of americans. How and why?

Corporations buy labor and use it to create goods and services. The less they pay for labor, the higher the profits. Also, corporations seek markets for those goods and services. The more consumers, the more profits.

How did corporations use the education system to create propaganda that would expand the supply of workers and consumers?

They selected the facts of history so as to create a narrative, a picture of history, that would make whites loathe their whiteness. The narrative creates the worldview and shapes the culture so as to be conducive to growing the supply of labor and consumers. Growth in labor supply depresses wages and thus increases profits. And more consumers means more sales.

70 years ago white pride, white racial consciousness, Jim Crow, racial segregation all stood in the way of growing the supply of labor and consumers. The mouse's fear of cat urine protects it from being eaten by the cat. But the parasitical bacteria inside the mouse needs the mouse to be eaten by cat. Only inside the cat's intestines can that parasite reproduce. So the parasite modifies the brain of the mouse so as to cause it to lose its fear of cat urine. Bingo, the mouse is then eaten by a cat and the parasite can reproduce.

White pride, white racial consciousness, Jim Crow, racial segregation all stood in the way of growing the supply of labor and consumers. That stopped the corporations from increased growth and profits.

So they used their money to fund writers, academics, activists etc who would generate anti-white, pro-nonwhite, pro-immigrant propaganda. That propaganda, over decades, seeped into the educational system and shaped the world views of white children.

The selected facts of the curriculum portray whites as evil. That shapes and mold white worldviews and causes the self-loathing. That self-loathing created white elites that created the civil rights era and racial integration and mass immigration. That then increased the supply of labor and depressed wages and thus increased profits. Also grew the supply of consumers.

Growth. GDP. That is the goal.

Anti-white/pro-nonwhite multiculturalism is the tool that facilitates this growth.

More to it than just that, but that is the gist of it.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Culture Wars are just a side effect of corporate profit seeking

Over on, Pat Buchanan done been wondering how come Gov Pence of Indiana done surrendered in the culture wars.

Pat, Pat, Pat. Poor little Pat.

Dude, the culture war is just a side effect of the Money War.

Politicians, entertainers, sports figures, etc all cave in to the media because of money.

If the media demonizes you because you are politically incorrect, then you will lose money.

Money. Some people got to have it. Money money money.

Why does the media enforce political correctness?
Money. Some people got to have it. Money money money.

The media makes money from advertisements bought by corporations.

Corporations buy labor. Corporations want to pay less for labor. If the labor supply grows fast, corporations pay less for labor.
Also, corporations want more consumers. How do they get them? Grow the supply of consumers.

How do corporations grow the labor and consumer supply?

Though racial integration, affirmative action, feminism and mass immigration.

Racial integration, affirmative action, feminism and mass immigration are enabled and facilitated primarily through multiculturalism and political correctness.

Multiculturalism and political correctness are the lubricants of the growth machine that is built by racial integration, affirmative action, feminism and mass immigration.

If a politician or other public figure speaks out against political correctness, the media attacks. The media lives off of corporate ads. The more money corporations make, the more money the media makes.

All this political correctness, culture wars etc is about making the white working class accept diversity, mass immigration, affirmative action, feminism, making the white middle class accept inclusiveness. Because those are necessary for the growth of labor and consumers and GDP and profits.

Money money money. Some people got to have it. But all corporations want it. And nothing is going to stop them from getting it.

So...culture wars? No, money wars.

The UVA rape hoax, Zimmerman/Trayvon, Ferguson, MO--markers of a blow-off top, of peak liberalism, the exponential peak before a collapse and white middle class backlash

Steve Sailer comments on the UVA rape hoax travesty in the media and how the media just ignores the obvious flaws and lies in this rape hoax, just as they ignored the flaws and lies of the Zimmerman/Trayvon and Ferguson, MO media brouhahas.

What we are seeing here is "peak liberalism."

This is american political ideology at its waveform peak, its exponential peak, just before its collapse. This is similar to a stock market "blow-off top," which happens just before the collapse and cratering.  This "blow-off top" represents a "mass hysteria" phase of ideology, one headed for a collapse.

The Zimmerman/Trayvon and Ferguson, MO fiascoes were similar markers of this "peak liberalism."

What is the consequence of this peak liberalism?  White middle class backlash.

This "blow-off top" of liberalism will likely cause a severe backlash, a reaction by middle class whites against it.

What are the likely practical consequences of this white middle class backlash?

A GOP president, for one. And the GOP will likely control the white house and congress.

Also, most likely, the GOP will increase the number of state legislatures it controls. Currently, the GOP controls 31 state legislatures, or thereabouts. If the GOP can gain control of 38 states, it could call a constitutional convention of the state legislatures and pass constitutional amendments that could weaken the grip of Washington DC on America and cripple the conservative and liberal political mafia families. That would be a very good thing. But the GOP is not going to win 38 states in 2016. But such an Article 5 convention would of course not be welcomed by the GOP Establishment and its outreach arm of the Dissident Right. So, although support for an Article 5 convention is growing (Mark Levin supports it), that excellent consequence of white backlash against peak liberalism has a long way to go.

What are the other possible consequences of a white middle class backlash?

Well, the media has now settled on Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul as the top 3 GOP contenders. The Supreme Court has some very old liberal justices that are going to retire during the next few years, so a GOP president could have some real effect in that area.

A GOP presidency in modern times typically represents a capitulation of government to business, with typical horrid results, such as massive corruption and mal-investment, such as the banking scandals and so forth during the reagan and bush I reigns and the huge war machine that dominated during Bush II. But the Clinton and Obama regimes have been so bad in that regard that it hardly seems that the next GOP admin could be worse. I guess it's possible!

Jeb represents the capitulation of the GOP establishment on immigration. The effect of his election would be a brown tidal wave of third world immigration. The GOP would in effect "go native."

Cruz seems to represent a resurgence of evangelical Protestantism.  And he seems quite pro-Israel. If he is elected, I foresee more war in the middle east. Obama has been a bit of a war monger, but Cruz would likely ramp that up to a great degree.

As for Rand Paul, he would seem to be in some regards as a cross between Cruz and Jeb. He is deeply immersed in white Protestantism, and yet has a strong streak of libertarianism, which would seem to favor more mass immigration if he is elected. But not as much war as if Cruz were elected. He would seem somewhat of a better outcome than Jeb or Cruz, but the fact that the media is pushing him into the top 3, that likely means he is just another sellout.

There are two Democrats who could stop the GOP from getting into the white house: liz warren and jim webb. Warren represents economic populism. She seems to genuinely dislike the monopolistic crony capitalism that has controlled america for decades now.  Of course Obama looked somewhat like a populist, too, before he was elected. But he has turned out to be anything but populist. And the media seems to like Warren, which could mean that they know she is not a real populist. Her apparent use of her American Indian heritage to get a good job might mean she knows what it is like to be discriminated against as a white person. She might be a good president for the white working class.

Webb has spoken out against anti-white liberalism and has said that liberals make white males a "whipping post." And he is against the military industrial complex, and has spoken out against Wall Street. He seems almost too good to be true, which means the media will likely sabotage him.

Webb and Warren seem like the best presidential candidates we have had in a long time. But the madhouse peak liberalism of the obama reign and the consequent white backlash is likely going to put either Bush, Cruz or Rand into office. And that is not a good outcome.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Multiculturalism is a growth strategy. Period. And it all depends on making whites feel guilty about the past. If you really want change, address history.

The Radix Journal, a Dissident Right site, discusses how it is taboo to have pride in your race if you are white. So whites look to other ethnic groups for that. Hence the Jeb Bush as Hispanic thing.

I agree with what Radix Journal says here. but like all the Dissident Right sites, Radix fails to address the FORCES that caused this situation.

Now liberals will say it was white slaveowners and the Nazis that made white racial consciousness a taboo thing.

First, that argument ignores the fact that the corporations want growth, more profits, a higher national GDP for the western nations.

Mass immigration of nonwhites is mother's milk for the corporations that run the West.
Why is it that the Dissident Right does not make this fact the centerpiece of Dissident Right thinking?

Second, the idea that whites were to blame for slavery is bogus. A huge percentage of white americans have ancestors who were sold at auction in 1600s north america. Yeah, all 'indentured servants" stuff is just nonsense. They were slaves for the most part. There are a number of well-documented books that make this fact clear.

 Also, the 1860 census makes it clear that only the top 1.5% of all white americans ever had slaves. One slave cost several years income for the average white man. Cash or collateral, no credit. Also, there were a huge number of nonwhite slaveowners.

Also, as Dr Tenzer shows in his book THE FORGOTTEN CAUSE OF THE CIVIL WAR, there were large numbers of almost-white slaves in antebellum South, and that made the northern whites very nervous.

As for the Nazis, the whole white pride, anti-jew Nazi regime thing was cooked up by the german upper class to keep germany from going bolshevist, as Karl Mayr's essay (I was Hitler's Boss) shows. Hitler was a tool of the upper class.

So why doesn't the Dissident Right expose how working class whites were demonized to serve as the scapegoat for the upper class?

Because the Dissident Right writers and websites are in it for money and career. They aint looking to do the rocking of the boat that would be necessary to change things. They play along with the Establishment and accept history as it is. They play along to get along. They want money not truth.

If we really want change, we have to address the fact that, as Orwell put it, who controls the past controls the future.

Anti-white multiculturalism depends on an educational curriculum that slants history to make white people devils. But it was the upper class that were devils. But now the upper class puts the blame on whites in general. All this helps the corporations pump up the supply of labor and consumers.

Multiculturalism is a growth strategy. Period.

And it all depends on making whites feel guilty about the past. If you really want change, address history.

Friday, April 3, 2015

How Gays Became Holy Objects

The media and their brainwashed hordes of social justice warrior youths are now all about gays. Gays gays gays 24-7.

What is happening is not really about sodomy or gays. This is just a snowballing after-effect of the “xenophilification” of american youth via educational curriculum propaganda and entertainment industry propaganda.

In order to prep americans for growth through mass immigration from the 3rd world, the plutocrats and corporations had to mold and shape young minds in order to get them to accept and even idolize people who are different from the average american. The average american is white and straight and speaks english.

In order to shift to a “growth of GDP via mass immigration” they had to inject the educational curriculum with propaganda meant to elevate those who are different. Inclusiveness is the new American civic religion.

This is part of the process of manufacturing consent for a ramped-up mass immigration invasion. You get to the young and impressionable minds and shape them via educational system propaganda. This is why the GOP never followed through on their school vouchers campaign promises, even though they had all branches of the govt under control in the early 2000s.

Our corporate overlords knew they needed to control the curriculum.

And as a result, those who are different are now Holy.

Gays are different. So they have been sacralized, along with nonwhites in general.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The origin of the anti-white/pro-nonwhite culture

the anti-white/pro-nonwhite culture sprang from the elite colleges decades ago.
Why? The elite/ivy league colleges were populated by and led by people from the upper class, even from the top 1%. The upper class, the 1%, they buy labor. Most of us sell our labor.

Those who buy labor want to pay less. If you want to pay less, you want more competition in the labor market. The white working class majority 100 years ago or so sought to keep out competition, competition from immigrants, competition from nonwhites.

So this was a Labor vs Capital war.

Capital wants to expand the pool of labor, and Labor wants to restrict it. So it has always been the upper class (who controlled the culture of the elite colleges) versus whites and primarily white males, who dominated the workforce 100 years ago.

So because they were dominated by the upper class, the elite colleges adopted this anti-white/pro-nonwhite culture 100 year ago or so. That all snowballed as this culture spread into the minds of impressionable young scholars at elite colleges. Some of them went on to the supreme court and the Senate. That started the civil rights era, which was essentially just a cultural coup by the upper class.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The American people failed to stop mass immigration after WTC 911. Will Europe be able to stop mass immigration or will the plutocrats and corporations win over there, too?

Steve Sailer speculates that the recent Muslim atrocities in Europe will allow the European people to stop mass immigration.

Yes, the muslims have committed some pretty serious mayhem in europe recently, but muslim immigrants perpetrated a far more heinous crime in america in 2001--the WTC 911 incident. And after WTC 911 there were many who predicted that america would crack down on immigration because of it.

But, in fact, we have more immigration than ever now.

Yes, the white people of europe may indeed win the immigration war that we americans lost.

But why?

Why were the american majority unable to stop mass immigration after the WTC 911 incident?
And why are the europeans more likely to be able to win this war against immigration?

First, americans have been divided and pitted against each other far more than have the europeans. Liberals attack conservatives and conservatives attack liberals. Neither side understands who the real enemy is. Europeans understand that whites are not evil and that the big corporations and plutocrats are evil and that they are behind mass immigration.

So, europeans know who the real enemy is, at least to a much greater degree.

Second, europe is still governed primarily at the nation level. And each nation of western europe is much smaller than the USA. Smaller means more democratic. The people have more control of their own government there.

Third, european nations are more homogenous. The USA is about 65% white. All the western european nations are much more white than that. More homogeneous means more united. More united means the people have more control.

Still, even given the advantages that the white europeans have that americans do not have, I would not be surprised if the european people are helpless to stop mass immigration, just as the american majority have been. The corporations have constructed a pseudo-democratic federalist mega-state called the European Union, just as the founding "fathers" did in the USA over 200 years ago. That federalist state may have already stolen enough democracy to prevent the european majority from stopping mass immigration.

Also, you underestimate the power of propaganda, and the degree to which the corporations are able to mold the culture through the educational curriculum. More and more europeans are having to attend college to get a career. Education is propaganda. Through education the corporations are able to shape and mold impressionable young white minds to make them ashamed of whiteness and indoctrinate them into submitting to multiculturalism.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mona Montgomery, youtube vlogger, has an interesting perspective on the "Oklahoma Frat Boys Singing" media fracas

Mona Montgomery has a youtube vlog on the racist frat scandal.

I like her slant on this. She looks at this from an anthropological/biological perspective that is highly unusual. Her perspective is that young white males are racist because they are about to breed and that racism is an effort on their part to preserve and protect the female breeding stock of their own race, and that such efforts are just natural and to be expected, at least in a biological sense.

I am not sure if that explains the SAE frat boy scandal, but it is good to see a anti-multiculturalist try to explain things and provide some background that might explain the forces in play when it comes to the conflict between the corporate media/government/hollywood/academia and their politcally correct, multiculturalist propaganda versus the white working class of America.

Usually, the typical anti-multiculturalist/Dissident Right blogger/vlogger will just blame liberals and professors and Social Justice Warriors or whatever. But there are other forces in play here. And, no, I am not referring to jews. I am talking about biological forces, ecological forces, social hierarchical forces and so forth.

Also, Ms Montgomery is 72 years old, and her lifetime of learning obviously informs her vlogging. She is the best anti-multiculturalist blogger/vlogger around.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Regarding the differences in the Propaganda Regimes of the USSR & Red China vs. the Propaganda Regime of America

I posted a reply to a comment on Sailer's blog, but as is often the case, he is delaying the approval of my comment.

So, I am posting it here:

you wrote:
But the communist utopian idea is what allowed “the proletariat” in many unfortunate places to be led down the road to hell.

Yeah, maybe that's why I said this:
"But the ideas of socialism/communism were mere labels used to garner support."

you wrote:
It is the idea that human nature is changeable into something that will make a system work.

It is not human "nature" that the propaganda-regimes of Red China and Soviet Union sought to manipulate through their extensive propaganda regimes. No, it is human behavior that they sought to change/alter/manipulate.

And it worked, to a certain degree. Human beings are evolved to be able to modify their behavior according to the rules of the tribe in which they live. That is what culture is: the rules of behavior and thought and philosophy of your tribe.   That is human nature: to live as the rules of your tribe prescribe.

The Red China and USSR sought to manipulate the behaviors of their subjects through their extensive propaganda regimes.  Propaganda, aimed at their subjects, especially in youth, can to a certain degree, affect behavior, even decades later.

These large, undemocratic propaganda regimes were run primarily for the benefit of the elite.

you wrote:
It is the opposite of the truth, that a system must be designed to work with human nature as it is (capitalism.)

No, the USA is also a large propaganda regime run primarily for the benefit of the elite. Yes, more of the fruits of our labors accrue to the workers than was the case for the workers in Red China and the USSR.

you wrote:
The claim that “there never really has been a true communist country,” is exactly the garbage taught by my bearded professor in political science 100 at a top university more than three decades ago, and it smells just as bad now as it did then. Still, it convinced a large number of gullible freshmen.

Communism can only exist --and has only existed--in communes.

What is a commune? In reality, throughout history, much of mankind has lived--and to a great degree prospered--in communes, at least of a sort. These small, insular, long-term, highly integrated and interrelated tribal structures were partly responsible for the success of the species. But a nation is far too large to be democratic enough to be successful as a commune. In a commune, tribal leaders are kept in check easily. Not in larger units such as nations. 

Yes, obviously, the propaganda regimes were of red china and the soviet union were able to use the lure of the utopia of communism to influence behavior of the subjects for a number of decades. The elite got rich off the labor of their subjects. Then it fell apart. Obviously.

But the USA also uses propaganda to influence behavior and thus increase the wealth of those at the top. Yes, we get more of the fruits of our labor. But we also have to work much harder. Haven't you noticed that? Maybe your mind is under the influence of the propaganda of the elite?

And the idea infuses our misguided efforts to retrain people who are genetically different to all be the same and to be better than they really are. The idea fools the influential and their followers into thinking that everyone and everything is relative, that nothing and no one is better than anything or anyone else in any regard. The idea makes everyone poorer and destroys what has been built by the better part of humanity. The idea is ruining America and the Western World.

Ah, you refer to the multiculturalist propaganda regime of the USA!

Yes, just as the elite of the propaganda-regimes called the USSR and Red China generated propaganda to cause their subjects to behave in ways that funneled wealth to those elite, so also do the elite of the USA (the USSA? LOL!) also generate propaganda to affect the behavior of their subjects so as to increase the wealth of the elite.  Similarly, some species of ants manipulate aphids so as to milk them. So too do ticks suck blood from mammals. Homo sapiens has domesticated cows and goats and sheep, etc so as to get milk, meat etc.

How does multiculturalist propaganda generated by those at the top of American society help funnel wealth to those at the top?  Multiculturalist propaganda helps get more workers into america, get more workers into american workplaces and working, get more shoppers into malls etc. That increases GDP and sales and depresses wages via increases in the supply of labor. This makes those at the top richer.

Same end goal as the propaganda regimes of the USSR and Red China. Just different mechanisms, at least to some degree.

The USSR and Red China used the writings of Marx etc to sell their regimes.  Socialist utopia propaganda, yes, indeed. Harkening back to and exploiting our true history and nature of living in tribal communes. But that organization cannot translate to the nation. THe nation is too large a unit to have enough democracy, coherency etc to succeed as a commune. Obviously!

Propaganda. It works. At least to a certain degree.

See for example, the advertising airship of Blade Runner:
"A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!"

Similarly, the USSA uses a large body of pro-capitalism propaganda, propaganda that exploits the history of colonial america, where colonists exploited a rich land laid relatively bare and depopulated by diseases such as smallpox. That land rush exploitation history is the basis of the capitalist propaganda regime of the USSA. Combine that tapestry thread with the new thread of multiculturalist propaganda designed to help the elite increase the size of the herd via racial integration and mass immigration, and you get an idea of what the USSA is all about.

you wrote:
There never has been a true perpetual motion machine either.

Quite true. But sadly irrelevant.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Back-up posting of my comment left on Sailer post on 2-21-2015

Steve Sailer claims he moderates his comments on a "whim", but what he really wants is an echo chamber. Once again, my comment on one of his posts has been censored by Sailer. What he does is not allow any of my comments that are critical of him until some time has passed, say, a day or two. Then he typically allows my comment to be posted. I suppose he feels that an echo chamber of his adoring fans will facilitate donations.

leftist conservative
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Your comment is awaiting moderation.
for the 1000th time I ask “Why?” on a Dissident Right website
yes, you have correctly pointed out (for the 1000th time) that anti-white multiculturalism is the dominant ideology of the upper class and, not coincidentally, that anti-white multiculturalism is also the dominant ideology of the media, of academia, of government, hollywood etc.
But once again you avoid asking “Cui Bono?”. Who benefits?
Who benefits from the fact that anti-white multiculturalism is the dominant ideology of america?
How did it comes to pass that anti-white multiculturalism became the dominant ideology?
What forces propelled anti-white multiculturalism to the top of the ideology heap?
Pure random chance?
Why did the upper class and the mega-corporations (that are run by the upper class) adopt this ideology?
The Dissident Right does not like to ask these questions.
I look around this world of ours, and I ask questions. That is what I do.
Why does the arctic fox have long white fur, whereas the southern fox has short red fur? Why?
Why did anti-white multiculturalism pass through the filter and become the dominant ideology? Why did it out-compete all the other ideologies?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Both the Social Justice Warriors of the Left and the Dissident Right pretend that political correctness has nothing to do with money

I posted the below comment to steve sailer's post on
Let's see how long he delays posting my comment or whether he will post it at all.

you think political correctness is bad.
So do I.

You think liberals like winning more than getting social justice.
So do I.

But you didn't really mention why liberals <i>can</i> win in this war of political correctness.
They can win because they have all the powerful institutions on their side. Government, academia, the media, hollywood, the supreme court, congress, the president (GOP or Dem), giant corporations--all these powerful and rich institutions are also excruciatingly politically correct.
And in fact it is not these social justice warriors that are the source of and power behind political correctness. It is those rich and powerful institutions that are the source of and power behind political correctness.

Isn't that right?

You did not mention that, and liberals also prefer not to notice that they are not really "fighting the power" when they stand up for nonwhites and fight against white males.
All the powerful institutions in america are right there with them. But you did not mention that fact in your column. Like liberals, you prefer not to mention the rich and powerful "man behind the curtain" that is pulling the levers that generate and enforce the dictates of PC.

Now you have mentioned before that liberals when commenting online "speak power to truth". A nice turn of phrase, there.  And it is actually a tacit acknowledgement that political correctness is actually a tool of the rich and powerful. But it is just a tacit acknowledgement. You won't come right out and admit that PC is produced by and for the rich and powerful.

This war of conservative vs liberal war of political correctness is carefully maintained and tended and kept within certain parameters. Both sides have this certain taboo--the liberals say they are against the rich and for the rest of us. But they ignore the fact that the rich and powerful and the source of political correctness and also its enforcer. It is not the SJWs that are the enforcer. They are merely the tool. It is those rich and powerful institutions, owned and and/or managed by the rich and powerful that are the real power. And likewise the conservatives like to pretend that the enemy is the liberals, the SJWs, the gib-me-dat minorities, etc. They don't want to see the man behind the curtain, either. Both sides maintain this impolite fiction, this suspension of belief, and thereby maintain the imaginary boundaries of this little war. And everyone who plays along will benefit.

Now, you and the Dissident Right will admit that immigration is pushed by the rich and powerful in order to get cheap labor. Well, you admit that occasionally. And you really have to...because it is just so obvious that you must admit it.

Most of the time you pretend that mass immigration happens because the Democrats want more democrat voters. Despite the fact that mass immigration would only lead to more democrat voters many years if not decades down the line. So all these Dem politicians are for mass immigration because they are just so darn loyal to the Party that they will back mass immigration because they want to grow the voter base long term. Yeah. That's a good one, there.

So, no, the Dem politicians back mass immigration because Big Business wants it. And that is the same reason GOP politicians in general only pretend to be against mass immigration. The money and power of Big Business.

But let us return to political correctness.

Political correctness and mass immigration. How are these ideas linked? The Dissident Right and the GOP extended phenotype (e.g., talk radio, etc) will occasionally admit that mass immigration is pushed by big business because of the profit motive. But they will not admit that political correctness is also pushed by big business.

But the fact is that the big business profit that drives mass immigration can only be realized through political correctness. Political correctness is the lubricants that greases the rails and enables the profits behind mass immigration to be realized.

Political correctness instills white guilt and keeps many (just enough) whites cowed and subservient, just cowed enough to manufacture consent for mass immigration.
Political correctness allows big business to get all those immigrants into the workplace earning, earning so they will spend. You see, the profit from mass immigration is not only from cheap labor, but also a supply of consumers.

Now, the question is, why does the Dissident Right and the GOP extended phenotype play along with this game and pretend that the "other side" is just SJWs? A question for another day...

Friday, January 16, 2015

Is there a class war going on?

  1. yes, there is a class war, one being waged by the upper class, the mega-corporations against the white working class majority.
  2. Mass immigration, combined with multiculturalism, political correctness, racial integration, affirmative action, these are the weapons of the plutocrats and the mega-corporations, the weapons being used against the white working class of the western nations.
  3. Mass immigration, combined with multiculturalism, political correctness, racial integration, affirmative action, etc are used to fragment the unity of the populace, thus diffusing and weakening the expressed common interest of the electorate. Thus weakened, the majority cannot unite against the plutocrats and mega-corporations.
    This is called the ‘divide et impera’ strategy, and it is the one created by the so-called founding fathers over 200 years. Madison et al used it to weaken democracy and allow the rich to rule america.
    In those days, the unity of the populace was weakened by the formation of the USA from the several states, thus enlarging the voting districts and creating more factions in the populace. Madison wrote that by enlarging the voting districts (through creation of federal voting districts, which are larger than state voting districts), the larger districts would have more factions, thus making it harder for the people to unite. This would, as madison put it, “protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.”
    The core idea was to dampen democracy. The separation of powers, and checks and balances created in the constitution would also help to dampen democracy. Less power to the people and more to rich people like madison, washington, morris etc.
    Same idea is being used today. But instead of enlarged districts to create factions and prevent electorate unity, the idea is to create factions through mass immigration combined with multiculturalism, political correctness, racial integration, affirmative action, etc.
    Same as it ever was….

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the rules that tell us what it means to be a Good Person were put in place by Big Money

Peter Frost is a blogger over on His posts there come close to truth about the connection between multiculturalism and the drive for increased corporate profits, growth and GDP.
I posted my response below to his latest blogpost:

Your articles and posts are the only ones I have seen that come close to the truth, at least as I see it.
The fundamental truth here is that multiculturalism/political correctness/affirmative action, etc all work to increase corporate profits and the wealth of the upper class.
Multiculturalism/political correctness/affirmative action etc work hand in hand with mass immigration to produce growth, increase GDP, depress wages, and increase corporate profits and upper class wealth.
I think your general thesis here more or less agrees with what I have said above, although I have said it more directly and bluntly.
Another comment above dissented from your general thesis (that multiculturalism+mass immigration is  the Order of the Day because it makes corporations and plutocrats richer). That dissenter stated that people do not behave because of money. In a way, that is very true. People often behave as they do because they want to be seen as a Good Person.  But that dissenter misses a very crucial linkage--cultural rules tell us what it means to be a Good Person. Those cultural rules were in large part put there by the forces of the upper class, of the corporations.
The corporate entity, as a large aggregation of Capital, is a powerful force of nature in the human social ecosystem. It molds and shapes our culture, just as an ice age will mold and shape the animals living in the ecosystem.
And what cultural rules were promoted to the top by the upper class and the corporations?
Well, cultural rules that make the upper class and the corporations/plutocrats richer.
Corporations do actions to gain more money. That is a legal prime directive of the corporate entity.
Here is the causal chain that created multiculti/PC+mass-immigration:
1) Big Money gives grants to writers/activists/professors. What sort of writers/activists/professors get grants? Well, writers/activists/professors that do things that promote the interests of corporate entities, in general.
2) Said writers/activists/professors generate ideas. What ideas? In general, the ideas they were paid to generate. Corporate-centric ideas. Such as, well, whites are bad and evil, and nonwhites are rich and diverse and good, and if you are a white person then you must bend over backwards to prove you are not an Evil Racist.
3) Said corporate-centric ideas then percolate into the culture via the educational curriculum, the entertainment industry, etc.
4) Said corporate-centric ideas then form the foundation of our culture, the same culture that has rules telling us what it means to be a Good Person. Thus, when ordinary white people do and say and think things that are inherently anti-white, then, yes, they are not saying and doing these things because of monetary reasons. But the cultural rules that make them behave this way were put there by  Big Money because those rules and the ideas behind them make Big Money Bigger.

Multiculturalism and anti-white ideology combines with mass immigration from "developing nations" to produce growth, increased GDP, depressed wages, more consumers and ultimately higher corporate profits and increased upper class wealth.
Multiculturalism and anti-white ideology raises the social status of nonwhites and foreigners and thus facilitates their entry into america and the West and into the workplace and the neighborhoods. More human livestock for the livestock ranch that is america.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

my response to the latest ramzpaul video

ramzpaul, the dissident right vlogger, has another vlog out:

My response:
Yes, we whites are being attacked psychologically and economically by the elite and their foot-soldier immigrants and nonwhites. But once again you offer little more than superficial, cargo-cult analysis here. This superficial, cargo-cult analysis can only take you so far. Let me explain.

The biggest thing you and the rest of the so-called Dissident Right are missing is that you fail to understand 1) how culture affects human worldview and behavior, 2) how propaganda affects mankind and the culture, 3) how the cultures of america, the liberal political tribe and the conservative political tribe have molded and shaped and domesticated by those at the top, 4) how the makeup and structure of a nation or state may be used as a bulwark and protection against those at the top.

First, mankind is evolved to be able to hear, understand, internalize and re-transmit ideas handed down to them from the tribal leaders. That was how man survived on the savannah 100K years ago. Ideas about how to survive, how to trap the antelope, how to defend the tribe against raiders, etc etc. were crucial to the tribe. So man evolved to be able to hear and carry out the ideas of the leaders. Same model as the ants, termites and bees. The sociobiologist EO WIlson called us the ant-like primate.

But now the elite use propaganda to make us behave in ways that make them money.

They use propaganda to exploit our innate ability to hear, ingest and internalize the ideas handed down to us from the tribal leaders.

Culture is a set of ideas that tells humans how to behave and what it is to be a "good person". Everyone wants to be a good person and live by the rules of their peers.

One way the elite control us is by molding and shaping the culture of the nation, and of the two main political tribes, liberal and conservative... They used their money to mold and shape the ideas in the culture. This started decades ago by using the large nonprofit institutions to give grants to writers, professors and activists whose ideas and work were conducive to making the rich richer.

What makes the rich richer? Well, a less united nation and culture makes the rich richer for one. How do you make the nation less united? More factions in the populace. What sort of factions? Well, race and culture and nationality and language factions, for one.

Another way the rich (and the corporations) get richer is by increasing the supply of labor faster than the demand for labor grows. Supply and demand of labor. You grow the supply of labor and you depress wages. How do you grow the supply of labor? Multiculturalism and feminism and mass immigration. If you shape the culture of the nation so as to make whites feel guilty about racism, you encourage and even mandate the inclusion of nonwhites and females into workplace and thereby grow the supply of labor.

Mass immigration from "undeveloped" nations takes this idea and puts it on steroids.

So the ideas of multiculturalism and mass immigration, along with white race guilt are pushed on the nation, starting with the education curriculum, where these ideas are used to mold the world view and perspective of impressionable white youth in school.

Making whites feel guilty about race helps to manufacture consent for racial integration, multiculturalism and the factionalization of the nation, as well as the depression of wages through labor supply flooding.

A nation, state, voting district, neighborhood or workplace divided by race, culture, nationality and or language is united and therefore more susceptible to control by the elite.

Factions weaken the population.

Diversity is strength...for those at the top. But diversity is weaker for the worker citizen.

The thing is....who controls the government? The majority bloc or the elite?

A united, homogeneous majority bloc can stand against the elite.

A nation, state, city, or voting district divided by faction cannot control the government, and thus the elite control.

Mass immigration, racial integration etc divide the populace and thus allow the elite more control.

I have told you how the culture of the liberal political tribe has been subverted and domesticated by the elite, how liberal culture has been made into an anti-white propaganda weapon. But now let us turn to how the culture of the conservative political tribe and how it has also been subverted and domesticated.

First, the obvious--the rich are not your friend.  Big business is not your friend. Just like a used car salesman is not your friend. Yes, it is an adversarial relationship. Capitalism is a tool, but one that must be controlled to be useful. Perhaps you have some inkling of the poison injected into the bloodstream of the conservative political tribe regarding capitalism.

Second, constitution-worship.

The federal constitution is the tool of the elite. Always was and always will be.

Look at the rest of the white western nations--canada, australia, germany, sweden, iceland, denmark, norway, italy etc etc.

Almost without exception these nations have parliamentarian governmental structures. That means the real power of the government is put into the hands of politicians elected from small districts. Smaller districts have fewer factions. That means the people are more united and can better control their politicians, hold them accountable.


Parliamentarian nations have more democracy.

Democracy is a good thing.

All those small white western nations? They got it going on. You know it, too. Admit it.

So, moving forward. ...what is the path forward?

Bring power back to the states where the populace is more united and can better control the government. The federal govt with its separation of powers, federalist, presidential structure is inherently undemocratic. Factions grow as voting district size increases.

Make voting districts smaller by putting the power back in the hands of the states.

The GOP now controls almost two thirds of the state legislatures. That means the GOP is close to being able to call a constitutional convention of the state legislatures. At such a convention, the state legislatures could modify the federal constitution and take power back from DC and give it back to the states.

What powers? Immigration, affirmative action, religion, etc etc etc.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

how to fight back against the multiculturalist/mass immigration regime of the globalists

Over at steve sailer's blog, mr sailer wrote about the recent power play in the swedish legislature, where the mainstream parties have collaborated to shut out the up and coming populist party of Sweden Democrats, whose platform is based primarily on an anti-immigration stance. This is the link for this particular steve sailer post:

Yesterday, I submitted a comment to that sailer blogpost where I replied to a particular comment there. But apparently my submitted comment was not good enough for mr sailer, because my submitted comment has not yet appeared. I would not be surprised if mr sailer does allow the comment to appear, but much later on. He does that a lot. Mr Sailer blogs for money. He asks his readers for donations, and apparently he believes that a circle jerk, echo chamber atmosphere is more conducive to donations from the commentators. My comments are not generally welcomed there by many of the commentators who post there, most likely because I do not fit into the circle jerk dominant groupthink there. So thus the censorship by mr sailer. Anyway, in the interests of circumventing mr sailer's censorship, here is my submitted comment, exactly as it was submitted:

Massimo wrote:
Mass immigration triumphs over democracy. This is beyond horrific. It’s like the whole world is a sick joke. I wish this crowd had some plan of action to combat this.

Lucky for you that LeftistConservative is here to save the day!

First off, you have to understand the forces in play. Chomsky already explained the process of manufacturing consent. His book on the process showed how the newspapers were used to manufacture consent through propaganda. But in the case of multiculti/mass immigration, the process is much more fundamental and pervasive. Propaganda is used to induce white guilt in school from an early age. The problem is the influence of the elite/upper class/corporations on the educational curriculum, starting at the elite colleges and then working its way on down to elementary school and seeping into the entertainment industry.

But understanding the process of manufacturing consent is not sufficient. Understanding how the structure of the nation and the government plays its role is also necessary.

A good example for the start of a discussion would be right in front of us. Sweden vs the USA. Comments here despair of the future of Sweden. Umm...Sweden is at least able to fight back to some degree. They are much much further ahead of the USA in the fight against multiculti/mass immigration. In Sweden right now the powers had to scramble to come up with some solution to stop the populist surge against multiculti/mass immigration. The powers have succeeded this time. But the grassroots surge in europe is growing.

Can you say to me that the powers that be in the USA are in the same position as they are in sweden? Or in Denmark? Or in switzerland? The people are fighting back there.

Not here. Not even close.

Now, back to the idea of understanding the forces in play. What about sweden let them fight back? about a little compare and contrast? Maybe the smaller size of sweden lets the white majority be more unified? More unified populace means the elite have less power and the people more power.

Maybe their parliamentarian system of government allows more power in the hands of politicians elected from small districts? Small districts are more unified and better able to hold their politicians accountable.

So maybe we make the USA more like sweden? How? By putting more power back in the hands of the states? Individual states are smaller than the USA as a whole...more unified, more coherent.

How do ya do that? Well, since the GOP swept the 2014 midterms, the GOP is now very close to being able to call a constitutional convention of the state legislatures. At such a convention the state legislatures could revise the constitution to put more power in the hands of the states. Voila!

Or, we could just continue to slam those rotten marxist commie liberals. It's all their fault!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

ISIS beheadings all same-same Trayvon Martin and Ferguson, MO

This is a reply I made to some halfwit commentator over on the breitbart site regarding the latest ISIS beheading of some american.

We should indeed greatly reduce the population of all foreigners in america. Greatly reduce!

But the neocons are trying to start another war in the middle east for fun and profit. Or rather they want to increase and prolong the war currently being fought there.

I suspect that the ISIS is being funded by certain entities associated with the West.

What I find really frustrating is how easily so many americans are manipulated by propaganda. I refer here not only to the many americans who are now salivating for war because of these beheading (and how CorpGovMedia has deliberately (and easily) worked so many americans into a blood frenzy over these beheadings), but I also refer to the other political tribe in america--the liberals. They also are periodically worked into a frenzy by CorpGovMedia using propaganda. For example, the Trayvon Martin and Ferguson MO fiascoes.

Let me put that more plainly for you--the ISIS beheadings are playing the same role for the Right as Zimmerman/Ferguson played for the Left. The thing that CorpGovMedia does is generate propaganda to work a certain (small) fraction of the populace into a blood frenzy, and then that blood frenzy is used to manufacture consent for certain anti-populist,  elite-centric policies designed to make corporations more money.  In respect to the ISIS beheadings, the blood frenzy engendered therefrom is used to manufacture consent for more military spending. In the case of the Zimmerman/Ferguson race-baitings, nonwhites are deliberately worked into a frenzy, and the resulting media coverage puts a number of whites on the race-defensive--it creates white race guilt in many americans. Not that many, but just enough to manufacture consent for more liberalization of immigration policies, such as not deporting millions of illegals. More illegals in america means more profits for corporations.

But why do I write this stuff? Pearls before swine, indeed. Now, turn, and rend me again....

Thursday, November 13, 2014

my response to steve sailer's post on 11-13-14

On 11-13-2014 Steve Sailer made this post and here is a quote from it:

Steve Sailer wrote:

For the Diverse to feel validated, the unDiverse must be repeatedly invalidated. Thus, the reigning mindset is anti-StalePaleMaleism.

I posted this in response, and now let's see if he will timely approve my response. Just in case he does not timely approve it, I will post it here.
But what about the fact that anti-StalePaleMaleism puts white males on the defensive with regard to race and thus makes it easier for the corporations/gov’t/media to push all those nonwhite foreigners into the workforce and thus depress wages?

But you don’t seem to be interested in the financial aspect of anti-white multiculturalism. You seem to prefer to simply attribute anti-white multiculturalism to those oh so evil liberals who need to feel “diverse and validated,” right? It never goes beyond the liberals vs conservatives battle, right?

The fact that corporations benefit from anti-white multiculturalism is simply a coincidence, right? The reason anti-StalePaleMaleism exists is so that the Diverse can feel validated, that is what you just said, right?

It is all about the liberals vs conservatives battle! Any other rationale is foreclosed by your statement above. I say otherwise. I say that anti-StalePaleMaleism/anti-white-multiculturalism has risen to the fore because it allows the corporations to put the white majority on the defensive and arouses the white-race-guilt installed in their minds via the educational curriculum. That makes it easier for the corporations to use the government to cram more millions of nonwhite foreign labor into america. Cuz if you are white and against immigration, you must be racist, right? The Dissident Right however prefers a simpler analysis, one that ignores the multinational corporations behind the curtain.

The question is why the Dissident Right ignores the multinational corporations behind the curtain with respect to anti-StalePaleMaleism/anti-white-multiculturalism.