Thursday, July 2, 2015

liberal/conservative propaganda offensives of the overclass and the respective demonization lexicons engendered thereof

I responded to a comment on isteve:

Anon wrote:

I’m not sure why liberals get all the blame for the immigration problem, except by (planned) misdirection.
Don’t you think that the USA has mass, uncontrolled immigration because the wealthiest people in America (and the world) are making money hand over fist as a direct result? The famously low wages of Mexicans are the least of it; the real treasure is the threat posed by a vast undocumented work force (not just Mexicans!) that cannot complain or negotiate for a raise. The implied threat (you can be replaced!) has ensured that regular Americans haven’t gotten a raise since the mid-nineties, in spite of the known increase in productivity since that time. Every last penny of the money from that productivity has gone into the pockets of the wealthiest people in the world, who have invested in the US.

Great post. So true.

So why is it that both sides, liberal and conservative are so blind to their own hypocrisies and blind spots? The liberals and conservatives both cannot seem to see that much of their own platform is geared to make the rich richer.

The conservative platform has already been implemented--the rich and the businesses got almost everything they wanted from Reagan, Bush Sr and Jr. All the "business friendly" machinations and twists of taxation and regulation, the tort reform etc. Actually, Bill Clinton was pretty obliging on that front.

Now it is the Democrats' turn to help the rich by cramming as much human worker/consumer livestock into this livestock pen called America. More cheap labor, more shoppers, more homebuyers....driving up the price of assets owned primarily by the overclass.

That is why I think the next president may well be a democrat. The GOP has already done pretty much everything it can for the rich and the big corporations. They already shot their wad, so to speak. They sold out already. They cannot do anything else for the rich and the big corporations. They already did it all!

Once the democrats get done, america will have 1 billion third worlders crammed into it, and GDP will be back to 4%. Of course quality of life will be...somewhat degraded.

Now what is really interesting is the ideological enforcement language used by the adherent-drones of each side. The primary demonization epithets of conservative drones are "commie! socialist! marxist!", and so forth. The demonization epithets of liberal drones are "racist! bigot!" etc.

The focus of the demonization lexicon on each side speaks to the primary drive and purposes of the overclass with respect to each platform. On the conservative side, the desire was to prevent state confiscation of the wealth of the overclass.  The conservative propaganda drive started almost 100 years ago right after the Bolshevist revolution, when the overclass really feared confiscation of their wealth. Now, of course, that whole "socialism" mind virus is dead. But the cultural memory of that anti-socialism propaganda offensive of the overclass still lives on, zombie-like, in the conservative drone lexicon. That 100-year-old propaganda offensive lives on in the subcultural memory of white america.  Conservative drones still shoot "commie! socialist!" epithets into the ether like bullets.  The battle has been won, but the drones still make war for their overclass. Touching.

With respect to the demonization lexicon of the liberal side, the goal is to suppress Bad Thoughts with respect to the Sacred NonWhites that provide growth of the human livestock herd on which corporate profits depend. The white working class is fighting back against the overclass push for 1 billion head of human livestock. So it is the old Orwellian tactic of suppressing dissent by suppressing the language, instilling fear and shame in those who dare to think Bad Thoughts about mass immigration, affirmative action etc.

The multiculturalist/mass immigration propaganda offensive of the overclass got started about 70 years ago, I would guess. It had already transformed america, but the overclass still wants more. Will they get it? Will they get their billion?

The white working class has shown some spirit and is fighting back. Trump, Huckabee and Cruz are playing hard to the white working class by starting to use Forbidden Language and give voice to Bad Thoughts.  Now even Webb is breaking out of the herd and making with Forbidden Speech.

Playing to the white working class. This rodeo has one more event, it would seem. How will it all turn out? We shall see.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The long war of propaganda against the white working class

regarding the recent supreme court decision on gay marriage, pat buchanan wrote:
The absurdity of the decision aside, it represents another stride forward for the revolution preached by Antonio Gramsci. Before we can capture the West, the Italian Marxist argued, we must capture the culture.

Pat, if a man picks up a hammer and smashes you in the head, do you blame the hammer or do you blame the man?

What you are doing here is blaming the hammer. Gramsci and his ideas and the ideas of similar others are merely the tool being used to change america.

The question is, who is wielding this hammer, this tool, this tool called multiculturalist propaganda? Yes, the culture is being shaped and molded. This is part of a war, a war waged over decades. Justice Kennedy was told as a young person what it means to be a Good Person. He still wants to be a Good Person. Hence this gay marriage decision. This SCOTUS decision is an artifact of, a side effect of, a war, a war being fought to shape the culture of the USA.

Why is this war being fought? For what purpose or purposes? And who are the parties in this war?

Pat, you have to look at the big picture here. Consider the past 100 years of history.

The best starting point for understanding this war are the political cartoons that depict the "red scare" of the early 1920s and thereabouts.  Immigrants from europe brought over ideas about socialism and anarchism.  Socialism/bolshevism, etc really got its start hundreds of years earlier, with the Diggers and Levelers etc, and the impetus for all that was the ending of the feudal estates, with the peasants being kicked off the land and made to work in the factories of the industrial revolution (and also being forced into quasi-white slavery in the colonies of north america and australia).

Anyway, back to the red scare of the 1910 to 1920s.

The anarchism and socialism of the european immigrants scared american business. So they demonized socialism and anarchism via propaganda, which led to a moratorium on immigration.  That moratorium eventually led to the golden age of labor. White labor. The whites still had jim crow, which kept nonwhites out of much of the labor pool. But business still wanted cheap labor. Well, there was a supply of surplus labor already in america and in mexico--nonwhites.

But that supply of cheap nonwhite labor was shut out by jim crow--by the white culture.

So how could business get that cheap labor into the workforce? It all started with nonprofit foundations funded by the upper class, big business and plutocrats. That was the tool to mold the culture.  The tools got some use overseas after world war 2 when the nonprofits and the US Govt worked together to divert leftist energies away from economic leftism and into social leftism.

After WW2, that same technique was used to create a new and more useful Left in america. The nonprofits and the gov't (at the behest of big business and the plutocrats) started funding activists, writers, academics that created propaganda that was meant to shape Leftism into something rich and strange. This was based of course on Gramsci's ideas (although it was not just gramsci--these ideas were 'in the air' already). The upper class that Gramsci hated took his ideas and used them to shape the young and impressionable minds that passed through the elite colleges.

What sort of propaganda shaped young and impressionable ivy league students? White race guilt multiculturalist propaganda. You paint a picture of history that makes young white people feel guilty about being white. Tell them that in order to be a Good Person, you must atone for the past race crimes of the white race. Never mind that only 1.5% of all white americans owned slaves, according to the 1860 census, or that 4% of all slaveowners were nonwhites, or that slaves were way too expensive for the average white person. As Orwell said, who controls the past controls the future. Big Business/plutocrats created a certain past, one that served their purposes.

Thus, Big Business, the plutocrats, and the gov't created propaganda that induced white race guilt into the minds of young ivy league students. This started about 1945 or so.  Give or take. It was created by money funneled through nonprofit foundations. Those minds shaped by that propaganda went on to start the civil rights movement and the supreme court decisions that disempowered the white working class and empowered nonwhites and females.

That civil rights movement increased the supply of labor, suppressed wage growth, increased the GDP and corporate profits.

We are still seeing the longterm aftereffects of this cultural coup by the upper class. This is a war against the white working class, started by Big Business/plutocrats decades ago.  That is what this recent gay marriage thing is all about--inclusiveness. You have to Be Good To Those Who Are Different. That is a primary axiom of multiculturalism. And to be a Good Person, you have to be inclusive.

See Dr Roelofs' book FOUNDATIONS AND PUBLIC POLICY: THE MASK OF PLURALISM; see also Frances Stonor Saunders' book on THE CULTURAL COLD WAR.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The corporate media sure does love Chris Christie!

Look at this heroic portrayal of Christie.  He's fighting back against the exposures of his past corruption! He's a blunt talker! What a man!

This is a bought and paid for advertisement-story, obviously. But by whom? Christie must be funded by some rich dudes.  The media obviously likes him, I suppose because it is fairly obvious that he will do or say whatever it takes to get into office and then will do or say whatever it takes to make him richer.

What other presidential candidates are similar to Christie? Bush, Clinton, and Rubio, obviously. Perry, at least to some degree. Rand, probably.  Walker, most likely.

The fact that Huckabee and Cruz have now issued rhetoric suggesting that the supreme court needs to be eliminated or radically changed means that they will most likely no longer be depicted favorably by the media. Walker treads close to the line with his recent comment about possibly curbing legal immigration. But in that comment he left himself a lot of wiggle room. So I think he is still in the good graces of the media.

Who does the media like most? Bush and Clinton, easily.

Who does the media dislike? Trump and Jim Webb.

Backlash against the Supreme Court gay marriage decision--GOP candidates talking about getting rid of the supreme court?

When is the Dissident Right going to talk about the shocking developments coming out of the aftermath of the gay marriage SCOTUS decision? Candidate Ted Cruz is advocating 8 year terms for supreme court judges, and candidate Huckabee is advocating eliminating the supreme ct entirely. This is without doubt the most radical rhetoric I have heard from major political candidates….ever! And music to my ears, too.

The supreme court is really at the heart of how the overclass controls america. How so? Two ways---culture and structure.

1.  Structure: unelected lifetime rulers of america. The people cannot strip them of their power. They do as they please. That's democracy? Hardly.

2. Culture: the media will not allow any justice to be approved unless they are grads from an elite college. Why? Elite college grads totally bought into the system, bought into the dominant paradigm and consensus wisdom. That is how you get into an elite law school--you have to ingest what The System says is The Right Stuff and then regurgitate it on command.

So the supreme court is a reflection of the dominant overclass culture. 
I would love to see a huge backlash to this gay marriage thing if it somehow resulted in making the supreme court a political football. I don't really care that much about the gay marriage issue. I am an old man and have worked all over america doing both blue collar and white collar work. From my rich experiences I have seen that gay people are not unsuccessful in life. More successful than most, in fact. They don't need any help. I can see the argument that it is not right to withhold pension benefits from gay partners. Ok, fine. But  this whole gay marriage thing only affects a tiny fraction of the population. The American Pseudo-Left has made this the Most Important Issue Of All Time, while shoving more important issues aside.

But if gay marriage backlash can somehow hurt the supreme court, I say, bring it on!

the older we get, the more we see how we are deceived

there is a growing awareness among young and middle aged white males of the evil that corpgovmedia is perpetrating via flooding of the labor supply.
Just go check out the slashdot website, where many commentators are programmers who are white and in their 30s and 40s. Over the last 10 years this cohort of white males has become radicalized with respect to labor supply manipulation by corpgovmedia.
This bloc of white males is a natural GOP voter base. However, they are rejecting the standard business-friendly GOP platform. This shift is being reflected in some of the rhetoric being generated by the current group of GOP presidential candidates. The current GOP candidates are not as business-friendly as in the past. Their rhetoric is sometimes anti-wall st. This is a radical shift from the past.
If this cohort of anti-immigration white techies can influence the twenty-something white males, who are much more likely to be aligned with the democrats, then stuff will really start getting real.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

the confederate flag & gay marriage thing: the establishment vs the white working class

so the confederate flag gets associated with Roof, who being a misfit, and then seeing the truth of the black on white crime wave, goes off and kills some Sacred NonWhites.

So the establishment quashes the flag by shutting down sales in stores. And in response the white working class starting buying the confederate flag online. So the establishment shuts down many online sales. So how are confederate flag sales doing? Great! Before the media quashed the story, the flag sales were booming.

This is how the establishment wages its war on the white working class.

So then the elite, ivy league grads in the supreme court ruled for gay marriage. Again, the elite strike against the white working class. And now we have Huckabee, presidential candidate, suggesting that we get rid of the supreme court (something I have been advocating for years). Cruz, another Prez candidate, suggests 8 year elected terms for supreme court justices. That would certainly be a step forward.

I have been following politics since the early 80s. What we are seeing here is radical. GOP presidential candidates suggesting we dump the supreme court? Radical. I love it.
These candidates, including trump and jim webb, are playing to the white working class like I have never seen before.

If change is to come, it must come from the majority bloc.

Why does the establishment make war on the white working class? Well, at this point in time, the making of war by establishment actors is largely reflexive and unthinking, driven by unwritten dictates of the establishment media culture.

But those unwritten cultural rules were put there decades ago by Big Money.

Big Money makes more money through growth..

The Sacred Nonwhites provide growth.

The white working class culture from over 100 years ago was an obstacle to growth via nonwhites (jim crow and all that). Hence the war. Follow the money--growth, GDP, wages, profits, supply of workers and consumers etc.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The suppression of white working class anger by The Establishment

this confederate flag story is fascinating.

When Dylann Roof posed with the confederate flag, his actions got tied up with the Confederate flag.

So all the politicians started condemning the Confederate flag. Led of course by the media. They are followers of the media. Both GOP and Dem pols just follow the media. Not the public, the media.

Well, let me clarify: all the high level politicians except one condemned the Confederate flag. Senator Jim Webb issued a defense of the confederate flag, at least a defense of sorts.

Hmm. No commentary from the Dissident Right on this point.

In fact, the Dissident Right sites and writers seem to be falling in line with the media on this issue, at least to some extent.

It is fascinating to see the mechanics of how The Establishment fights against the white working class majority.

As soon as the The Establishment starting condemning the Confederate flag, the white working class started fighting back. How? By buying confederate flags in large numbers. Check google news. Sales of confederate flags jumped tremendously. And in response The Establishment started shutting down sales of Confederate flags. As more sales outlets started shutting down sales of the flags, the sales numbers went up even more.

The Establishment versus the white working class. That is the primary conflict of our times.
It appears as if a large segment of the white working class refuses to disown and condemn Dylann Roof, or at least that is one interpretation.

Thus, it might be said that a lot of white americans are more radical that either the establishment or the dissident right wants to admit.

Which side does the Dissident Right site and its writers take? The working class whites or the establishment?

Monday, June 22, 2015

on charleston shootings--reposted from after deletion

I posted this comment in response to jim goad's column here:

But pissant Goad apparently deleted it and banned me from

So here is my deleted comment:

decent post, but you really beat around the bush and failed to address the main question--what is the purpose of The Narrative?
First, The Narrative is not really the product of a smoke-filled room. More like the product of hundreds of smoke filled rooms.
The Narrative is a modern dairy cow. The modern dairy cow had an ancestor 10 thousand years ago. It was a cow, but it was different from the modern cow. For one, it did not give nearly as much milk back then. It gives a lot more milk today. Why? Because over thousands of years mankind picked the best milk givers and bred them, ending up with a cow that served our needs well.
The Narrative was evolved and bred over many decades. Who does the narrative serve? The overclass, which is to say, the big corporations, the largest and most powerful institutions, the government, and the rich and powerful people who control these corporations and institutions.
The narrative suppresses black on white crime and hypes white on black crime. The Narrative does other things, too, of course, but that is not the subject of our discussion.
How does not reporting black on white crime and hyping white on black crime serve the interests of the overclass?
Search google images for the new MLK statue in washington DC. Look at that statue of martin luther king. What does his demeanor and stance tell you? Is that the demeanor and stance of a peaceful person or is it the demeanor and stance of a warrior?
That is a warrior statue. And the overclass put that statue there.
The overclass wants blacks to be aggressive towards whites, to be warriors for equality. By telling blacks that whites are attacking them, the overclass pushes blacks into aggressive behavior towards whites.
How does having blacks and other nonwhites be aggressive warriors for equality serve the overclass.
The overclass buys labor. We sell it. The overclass wants to increase the supply of labor, thus depressing wages and increasing profits.
The civil rights era and its child, The Narrative, serves to increase the supply of labor and increase profits. This is a Labor vs Capital war. White labor is an obstacle to the overclass in its quest to cram hundreds of millions of nonwhite immigrants into america and into the workforce. More workers, more consumers, more shoppers, more profits, more sales, higher GDP, more growth, etc. Anti-white multiculturalism and The Narrative is a tool to aid growth. This is part of a war for growth being fought by the overclass.
Aggressive blacks are the footsoldiers of the overclass in this war.
By having blacks be aggressive and belligerent towards whites, whites are cowed into accepting the elevated social status of nonwhites that the overclass pushes on us via propaganda.
Roof saw himself as simply fighting back in a war declared by the overclass against himself and other whites.
Note that Roof burned the flag. That is an acknowledgement that the enemy is not just blacks, not just nonwhites, but also the overclass.
Disclaimer: I do not advocate illegal acts.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Rachel Dolezal, you are my hero.

Rachel Dolezal, you are my hero.
I don't get all the negative vibes from the conservatives regarding Dolezal.
She is helping to undermine the racial spoils scheme. I hope more people follow her path.
She is fighting back against a system that discriminates against her because she is white.
And she needs a job. Everyone needs to make a living.
Nothing wrong with lying when the system discriminates against you. This is an evil system. All is fair in War.
The system rewards being black. Affirmative action, grants, etc.
She is just scraping by, trying to make a living.
She has no man. She is alone in this world, getting older
every day, and fighting against an evil government that is controlled by
the big corporations, a system out of control, a system demonizing
whites, a system sending jobs overseas as fast as possible, importing
cheap scab third world labor hand over fist.
And maybe she does hate being white. Who can blame her? The educational system crams anti-white propaganda into the brains of impressionable young whites and has been doing so for decades. Most children have been converted by the system. You cannot blame those people for the way their brains were shaped by overclass propaganda as youths.
I don't blame her.
Rachel Dolezal, you are my hero.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Kamikaze Warriors Caitlyn Jenner and Britney Griner

my wife is a fed govt worker, a cubicle drone, and the other day she and her fellow workers got a lecture from management on the glories of the transgenders and how they were special etc etc. The workers there were all in their fifties and sixties etc. Unionized workers, so they did not feel shy about giving their opinions on the subject.
And it did not go over well with them. They did not like the idea in general.
Why is the top of our society pushing transgenderism on us?
Britney Griner and Caitlyn Jenner are being feted and celebritized by those at the top as if they are war heroes. It is a situation very similar to how war heroes were feted and celebrated during World War Two by the regimes in Germany and Japan and the allies. The media and the gov’t during WW2 made heroes of the fighters. The young kamikaze pilots of japan were heroes. The war heroes of germany were celebrated by those at the top. Why? Because these young men were giving up their lives for those at the top.
Griner and Jenner serve those at the top, and those at the top return the favor and make them war heroes.
What is this war that is going on?
The war of Capital versus Labor.
Capital wants to expand the supply of labor, thus depressing wages, and also increasing overall production, increasing sales, GDP, corporate profits.
America is an economic war machine, and Jenner and Griner equalize females and males. Females are evolved to have babies, and males are evolved to be workers and warriors.
But Capital can get more people from the third world. It needs to make females and males more equal so that women can compete with men for jobs, thus increasing the supply of workers.
All hail the mighty heroes Britney and Caitlyn! They make women equal to men! More fodder for the economic grist mill!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

On Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn is an angel that walks among us…she has freed womankind and delivered them from the harsh yoke of slavery to the Pharonic and patriarchal white male…kneel before her…she is the fire of your loins, purveyor of your every masturbatory fantasy… she is a whore...she is a virgin...she is womankind incarnate… she hath divided the Sea of Patriarchy and hath guided us to freedom….

all hail the liberation of womankind from the kitchen and the bedroom… Bruce sacrificed his only begotten testicles so that womankind might compete in the workplace against the white male and thus expand the Holy Supply Of Labor…All Hail Our Sacred Icon of Female Liberation…All Hail Our Lower Wages…All Hail Our Increased Corporate Profits…

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Whites are cowed by angry black rioters in Baltimore. Why are whites cowed by black anger?

over on, steve sailer posted a video of black rioting and cowed whites hiding in a restaurant. Here is another video relating to another incident during that rioting.

I responded to a comment by Lackawanna:

Imagine if black rioters attacked a bar full of sports fans outside of a game in England?
There is something especially wrong with Americans as opposed to white folks in general.
Yeah, that is a good point. American whites have been programmed to fear black violence and to be cowed by black anger. How did this happen? It’s a complex path.
Part of it probably comes from hollywood and the entertainment and publishing industries and their longtime depiction of black prisoners raping white man. You wanna talk about a dominance display? That’s it, baby! Decades of implanting the image of the alpha black male prisoner mounting a supine lily-white male prisoner. Implanting that image again and again into the mind of whites. Dominance and fear. The fear of prison and being raped by a black enforcer keeps those white restaurant goers from pulling out a gun and firing into that crowd of black rioters. That and gun laws, of course.
I guess the Brits just have not had enough black residents for long enough to allow the establishment to be able to implant an image of the black male enforcer into the white european mind yet. Plus, american prisons have long been horror fests, whereas all the western european prisons have been generally quite mild for some time now. That will of course change as diversity takes hold more firmly there.
How did the establishment learn to use the angry black male as a fear-inducing tool to cow whites? How do non-poisonous animal species learn to imitate poisonous species?

Friday, April 24, 2015

As the toxoplasma gondii parasite is to the mouse, so is the multinational corporation to the self-loathing white liberal

Over at radix journal, a writer asked why white liberals hate those whites who do not hate their own whiteness.

You go to the arctic. You look around. You see white foxes there. You ask yourself why they are not red like the rest of the foxes in the world. You look around some more. You see a lot of snow. It's white. You surmise that natural selection shaped and molded the fox. The climate is therefore the force that caused the fox to be white.

It is important to understand the forces that cause things to happen. A tribe of african bushmen cannot design a car because they do not understand the forces in this universe. Etc.

Understanding why white liberals are self loathing is important.

Just as you stood there in the arctic and deduced the forces that caused the fox to be white you must now observe the human social ecosystem and try to understand the forces that cause whites to be self-loathing.

Propaganda is the force. Applied to young and malleable minds. Propaganda that delivers a narrative, that delivers a world view based on certain aspects of history. Whites are evil because they enslaved nonwhites. Now whites today must atone for the sins of their past. Atone how? By allowing nonwhites into the workforce and neighborhood and even into america by the tens of millions. That then creates growth and depresses wages and increases profits. These beliefs of whites and the consequent white self-loathing generate increased corporate profits. Propaganda creates profits.

But what forces created the propaganda and why?

You stand in a large city and ask what forces were in play in this situation?

What are the major forces in this ecosystem?

You see skyscrapers that dominate this human ecosystem.  What actors created them? These ecosystem-dominating structures were created by large aggregations of capital called "corporations."

Corporations, multinational corporations are the dominant forces in our human social ecosystem. You don't have to look to jews, the frankfurt school or liberals themselves. The answer is right in front of us, just like the snow was right in front of us in the arctic. Large corporations are the dominant forces in this society, and they created the propaganda indoctrination system that created self-loathing whites.


Why do tree roots seek water? Why does a beetle seek animal turds? Why do lions seek the gazelle? Why does the Toxoplasma gondii parasite behaviorally modify the mouse's brain so as to cause it to lose its fear of cats? So that the mouse will then be eaten by the cat and thus allow the parasite to enter the intestines of the cat so it may reproduce there.

Everywhere you look you see organisms interacting with the ecosystem, even seeking to modify the ecosystem so as to allow them to survive and even thrive.

The corporations seek growth and increased profits. That is their prime directive, and they will seek to interact with their ecosystem so as to ensure survival and even thrive. These are the dominant forces in our ecosystem.

You see that whites are self-loathing. You see that 50 years they were not. 70 years ago they were proud to be white. What caused this radical change? Obviously the most dominant forces in this ecosystem played the major role in this dramatic shift.

Why and how?

Corporations seek increased profit and growth. Just as they use K Street and the lobbyists in DC to shape and mold the laws and policies of the USA so as to enhance growth and profits, so too do they shape and mold the culture of the USA and even the worldviews and beliefs of americans so as to enhance corporate profits. They use the educational curriculum as propaganda to shape the culture of america and the beliefs and worldviews of americans. How and why?

Corporations buy labor and use it to create goods and services. The less they pay for labor, the higher the profits. Also, corporations seek markets for those goods and services. The more consumers, the more profits.

How did corporations use the education system to create propaganda that would expand the supply of workers and consumers?

They selected the facts of history so as to create a narrative, a picture of history, that would make whites loathe their whiteness. The narrative creates the worldview and shapes the culture so as to be conducive to growing the supply of labor and consumers. Growth in labor supply depresses wages and thus increases profits. And more consumers means more sales.

70 years ago white pride, white racial consciousness, Jim Crow, racial segregation all stood in the way of growing the supply of labor and consumers. The mouse's fear of cat urine protects it from being eaten by the cat. But the parasitical bacteria inside the mouse needs the mouse to be eaten by cat. Only inside the cat's intestines can that parasite reproduce. So the parasite modifies the brain of the mouse so as to cause it to lose its fear of cat urine. Bingo, the mouse is then eaten by a cat and the parasite can reproduce.

White pride, white racial consciousness, Jim Crow, racial segregation all stood in the way of growing the supply of labor and consumers. That stopped the corporations from increased growth and profits.

So they used their money to fund writers, academics, activists etc who would generate anti-white, pro-nonwhite, pro-immigrant propaganda. That propaganda, over decades, seeped into the educational system and shaped the world views of white children.

The selected facts of the curriculum portray whites as evil. That shapes and mold white worldviews and causes the self-loathing. That self-loathing created white elites that created the civil rights era and racial integration and mass immigration. That then increased the supply of labor and depressed wages and thus increased profits. Also grew the supply of consumers.

Growth. GDP. That is the goal.

Anti-white/pro-nonwhite multiculturalism is the tool that facilitates this growth.

More to it than just that, but that is the gist of it.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Culture Wars are just a side effect of corporate profit seeking

Over on, Pat Buchanan done been wondering how come Gov Pence of Indiana done surrendered in the culture wars.

Pat, Pat, Pat. Poor little Pat.

Dude, the culture war is just a side effect of the Money War.

Politicians, entertainers, sports figures, etc all cave in to the media because of money.

If the media demonizes you because you are politically incorrect, then you will lose money.

Money. Some people got to have it. Money money money.

Why does the media enforce political correctness?
Money. Some people got to have it. Money money money.

The media makes money from advertisements bought by corporations.

Corporations buy labor. Corporations want to pay less for labor. If the labor supply grows fast, corporations pay less for labor.
Also, corporations want more consumers. How do they get them? Grow the supply of consumers.

How do corporations grow the labor and consumer supply?

Though racial integration, affirmative action, feminism and mass immigration.

Racial integration, affirmative action, feminism and mass immigration are enabled and facilitated primarily through multiculturalism and political correctness.

Multiculturalism and political correctness are the lubricants of the growth machine that is built by racial integration, affirmative action, feminism and mass immigration.

If a politician or other public figure speaks out against political correctness, the media attacks. The media lives off of corporate ads. The more money corporations make, the more money the media makes.

All this political correctness, culture wars etc is about making the white working class accept diversity, mass immigration, affirmative action, feminism, making the white middle class accept inclusiveness. Because those are necessary for the growth of labor and consumers and GDP and profits.

Money money money. Some people got to have it. But all corporations want it. And nothing is going to stop them from getting it.

So...culture wars? No, money wars.

The UVA rape hoax, Zimmerman/Trayvon, Ferguson, MO--markers of a blow-off top, of peak liberalism, the exponential peak before a collapse and white middle class backlash

Steve Sailer comments on the UVA rape hoax travesty in the media and how the media just ignores the obvious flaws and lies in this rape hoax, just as they ignored the flaws and lies of the Zimmerman/Trayvon and Ferguson, MO media brouhahas.

What we are seeing here is "peak liberalism."

This is american political ideology at its waveform peak, its exponential peak, just before its collapse. This is similar to a stock market "blow-off top," which happens just before the collapse and cratering.  This "blow-off top" represents a "mass hysteria" phase of ideology, one headed for a collapse.

The Zimmerman/Trayvon and Ferguson, MO fiascoes were similar markers of this "peak liberalism."

What is the consequence of this peak liberalism?  White middle class backlash.

This "blow-off top" of liberalism will likely cause a severe backlash, a reaction by middle class whites against it.

What are the likely practical consequences of this white middle class backlash?

A GOP president, for one. And the GOP will likely control the white house and congress.

Also, most likely, the GOP will increase the number of state legislatures it controls. Currently, the GOP controls 31 state legislatures, or thereabouts. If the GOP can gain control of 38 states, it could call a constitutional convention of the state legislatures and pass constitutional amendments that could weaken the grip of Washington DC on America and cripple the conservative and liberal political mafia families. That would be a very good thing. But the GOP is not going to win 38 states in 2016. But such an Article 5 convention would of course not be welcomed by the GOP Establishment and its outreach arm of the Dissident Right. So, although support for an Article 5 convention is growing (Mark Levin supports it), that excellent consequence of white backlash against peak liberalism has a long way to go.

What are the other possible consequences of a white middle class backlash?

Well, the media has now settled on Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul as the top 3 GOP contenders. The Supreme Court has some very old liberal justices that are going to retire during the next few years, so a GOP president could have some real effect in that area.

A GOP presidency in modern times typically represents a capitulation of government to business, with typical horrid results, such as massive corruption and mal-investment, such as the banking scandals and so forth during the reagan and bush I reigns and the huge war machine that dominated during Bush II. But the Clinton and Obama regimes have been so bad in that regard that it hardly seems that the next GOP admin could be worse. I guess it's possible!

Jeb represents the capitulation of the GOP establishment on immigration. The effect of his election would be a brown tidal wave of third world immigration. The GOP would in effect "go native."

Cruz seems to represent a resurgence of evangelical Protestantism.  And he seems quite pro-Israel. If he is elected, I foresee more war in the middle east. Obama has been a bit of a war monger, but Cruz would likely ramp that up to a great degree.

As for Rand Paul, he would seem to be in some regards as a cross between Cruz and Jeb. He is deeply immersed in white Protestantism, and yet has a strong streak of libertarianism, which would seem to favor more mass immigration if he is elected. But not as much war as if Cruz were elected. He would seem somewhat of a better outcome than Jeb or Cruz, but the fact that the media is pushing him into the top 3, that likely means he is just another sellout.

There are two Democrats who could stop the GOP from getting into the white house: liz warren and jim webb. Warren represents economic populism. She seems to genuinely dislike the monopolistic crony capitalism that has controlled america for decades now.  Of course Obama looked somewhat like a populist, too, before he was elected. But he has turned out to be anything but populist. And the media seems to like Warren, which could mean that they know she is not a real populist. Her apparent use of her American Indian heritage to get a good job might mean she knows what it is like to be discriminated against as a white person. She might be a good president for the white working class.

Webb has spoken out against anti-white liberalism and has said that liberals make white males a "whipping post." And he is against the military industrial complex, and has spoken out against Wall Street. He seems almost too good to be true, which means the media will likely sabotage him.

Webb and Warren seem like the best presidential candidates we have had in a long time. But the madhouse peak liberalism of the obama reign and the consequent white backlash is likely going to put either Bush, Cruz or Rand into office. And that is not a good outcome.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Multiculturalism is a growth strategy. Period. And it all depends on making whites feel guilty about the past. If you really want change, address history.

The Radix Journal, a Dissident Right site, discusses how it is taboo to have pride in your race if you are white. So whites look to other ethnic groups for that. Hence the Jeb Bush as Hispanic thing.

I agree with what Radix Journal says here. but like all the Dissident Right sites, Radix fails to address the FORCES that caused this situation.

Now liberals will say it was white slaveowners and the Nazis that made white racial consciousness a taboo thing.

First, that argument ignores the fact that the corporations want growth, more profits, a higher national GDP for the western nations.

Mass immigration of nonwhites is mother's milk for the corporations that run the West.
Why is it that the Dissident Right does not make this fact the centerpiece of Dissident Right thinking?

Second, the idea that whites were to blame for slavery is bogus. A huge percentage of white americans have ancestors who were sold at auction in 1600s north america. Yeah, all 'indentured servants" stuff is just nonsense. They were slaves for the most part. There are a number of well-documented books that make this fact clear.

 Also, the 1860 census makes it clear that only the top 1.5% of all white americans ever had slaves. One slave cost several years income for the average white man. Cash or collateral, no credit. Also, there were a huge number of nonwhite slaveowners.

Also, as Dr Tenzer shows in his book THE FORGOTTEN CAUSE OF THE CIVIL WAR, there were large numbers of almost-white slaves in antebellum South, and that made the northern whites very nervous.

As for the Nazis, the whole white pride, anti-jew Nazi regime thing was cooked up by the german upper class to keep germany from going bolshevist, as Karl Mayr's essay (I was Hitler's Boss) shows. Hitler was a tool of the upper class.

So why doesn't the Dissident Right expose how working class whites were demonized to serve as the scapegoat for the upper class?

Because the Dissident Right writers and websites are in it for money and career. They aint looking to do the rocking of the boat that would be necessary to change things. They play along with the Establishment and accept history as it is. They play along to get along. They want money not truth.

If we really want change, we have to address the fact that, as Orwell put it, who controls the past controls the future.

Anti-white multiculturalism depends on an educational curriculum that slants history to make white people devils. But it was the upper class that were devils. But now the upper class puts the blame on whites in general. All this helps the corporations pump up the supply of labor and consumers.

Multiculturalism is a growth strategy. Period.

And it all depends on making whites feel guilty about the past. If you really want change, address history.

Friday, April 3, 2015

How Gays Became Holy Objects

The media and their brainwashed hordes of social justice warrior youths are now all about gays. Gays gays gays 24-7.

What is happening is not really about sodomy or gays. This is just a snowballing after-effect of the “xenophilification” of american youth via educational curriculum propaganda and entertainment industry propaganda.

In order to prep americans for growth through mass immigration from the 3rd world, the plutocrats and corporations had to mold and shape young minds in order to get them to accept and even idolize people who are different from the average american. The average american is white and straight and speaks english.

In order to shift to a “growth of GDP via mass immigration” they had to inject the educational curriculum with propaganda meant to elevate those who are different. Inclusiveness is the new American civic religion.

This is part of the process of manufacturing consent for a ramped-up mass immigration invasion. You get to the young and impressionable minds and shape them via educational system propaganda. This is why the GOP never followed through on their school vouchers campaign promises, even though they had all branches of the govt under control in the early 2000s.

Our corporate overlords knew they needed to control the curriculum.

And as a result, those who are different are now Holy.

Gays are different. So they have been sacralized, along with nonwhites in general.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The origin of the anti-white/pro-nonwhite culture

the anti-white/pro-nonwhite culture sprang from the elite colleges decades ago.
Why? The elite/ivy league colleges were populated by and led by people from the upper class, even from the top 1%. The upper class, the 1%, they buy labor. Most of us sell our labor.

Those who buy labor want to pay less. If you want to pay less, you want more competition in the labor market. The white working class majority 100 years ago or so sought to keep out competition, competition from immigrants, competition from nonwhites.

So this was a Labor vs Capital war.

Capital wants to expand the pool of labor, and Labor wants to restrict it. So it has always been the upper class (who controlled the culture of the elite colleges) versus whites and primarily white males, who dominated the workforce 100 years ago.

So because they were dominated by the upper class, the elite colleges adopted this anti-white/pro-nonwhite culture 100 year ago or so. That all snowballed as this culture spread into the minds of impressionable young scholars at elite colleges. Some of them went on to the supreme court and the Senate. That started the civil rights era, which was essentially just a cultural coup by the upper class.