Sunday, November 16, 2014

ISIS beheadings all same-same Trayvon Martin and Ferguson, MO

This is a reply I made to some halfwit commentator over on the breitbart site regarding the latest ISIS beheading of some american.

We should indeed greatly reduce the population of all foreigners in america. Greatly reduce!

But the neocons are trying to start another war in the middle east for fun and profit. Or rather they want to increase and prolong the war currently being fought there.

I suspect that the ISIS is being funded by certain entities associated with the West.

What I find really frustrating is how easily so many americans are manipulated by propaganda. I refer here not only to the many americans who are now salivating for war because of these beheading (and how CorpGovMedia has deliberately (and easily) worked so many americans into a blood frenzy over these beheadings), but I also refer to the other political tribe in america--the liberals. They also are periodically worked into a frenzy by CorpGovMedia using propaganda. For example, the Trayvon Martin and Ferguson MO fiascoes.

Let me put that more plainly for you--the ISIS beheadings are playing the same role for the Right as Zimmerman/Ferguson played for the Left. The thing that CorpGovMedia does is generate propaganda to work a certain (small) fraction of the populace into a blood frenzy, and then that blood frenzy is used to manufacture consent for certain anti-populist,  elite-centric policies designed to make corporations more money.  In respect to the ISIS beheadings, the blood frenzy engendered therefrom is used to manufacture consent for more military spending. In the case of the Zimmerman/Ferguson race-baitings, nonwhites are deliberately worked into a frenzy, and the resulting media coverage puts a number of whites on the race-defensive--it creates white race guilt in many americans. Not that many, but just enough to manufacture consent for more liberalization of immigration policies, such as not deporting millions of illegals. More illegals in america means more profits for corporations.

But why do I write this stuff? Pearls before swine, indeed. Now, turn, and rend me again....

Thursday, November 13, 2014

my response to steve sailer's post on 11-13-14

On 11-13-2014 Steve Sailer made this post and here is a quote from it:

Steve Sailer wrote:

For the Diverse to feel validated, the unDiverse must be repeatedly invalidated. Thus, the reigning mindset is anti-StalePaleMaleism.

I posted this in response, and now let's see if he will timely approve my response. Just in case he does not timely approve it, I will post it here.
But what about the fact that anti-StalePaleMaleism puts white males on the defensive with regard to race and thus makes it easier for the corporations/gov’t/media to push all those nonwhite foreigners into the workforce and thus depress wages?

But you don’t seem to be interested in the financial aspect of anti-white multiculturalism. You seem to prefer to simply attribute anti-white multiculturalism to those oh so evil liberals who need to feel “diverse and validated,” right? It never goes beyond the liberals vs conservatives battle, right?

The fact that corporations benefit from anti-white multiculturalism is simply a coincidence, right? The reason anti-StalePaleMaleism exists is so that the Diverse can feel validated, that is what you just said, right?

It is all about the liberals vs conservatives battle! Any other rationale is foreclosed by your statement above. I say otherwise. I say that anti-StalePaleMaleism/anti-white-multiculturalism has risen to the fore because it allows the corporations to put the white majority on the defensive and arouses the white-race-guilt installed in their minds via the educational curriculum. That makes it easier for the corporations to use the government to cram more millions of nonwhite foreign labor into america. Cuz if you are white and against immigration, you must be racist, right? The Dissident Right however prefers a simpler analysis, one that ignores the multinational corporations behind the curtain.

The question is why the Dissident Right ignores the multinational corporations behind the curtain with respect to anti-StalePaleMaleism/anti-white-multiculturalism.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This is my response to Steve Sailer's post on 11-11-2014 (posted here due to censorship):

This is my response to Steve Sailer's post on 11-11-2014 (posted here due to censorship):

Sailer wrote:
"That’s because the hoopla of a campaign for the White House brings to the polls the kind of fringe voters who don’t really grasp concepts like the Separation of Powers"

You mean people like Steve Sailer? The Separation of Powers is meant to help keep the majority working class from having much control over their own government. So said our oh so benevolent founding fathers.

But some wrong-headed people think we the majority ought to have control of the government! That way, we could do things like, oh, stop mass immigration and stop discrimination against whites. But I like that Separation of Powers thing which helps keep the power of the government away from the grubby paws of that nasty old majority (which is white, by the way). Most of the white majority do not like having mass immigration and discrimination against whites crammed down their throats, but that is just tough, right?

Let's look at some other nations similar to the USA, nations which have a much weaker separation of powers, and see if we can tell what the difference is, and how a weaker Separation of Powers affects things!

What other nations am I referring to? Well, every other majority white western nation, that is what I am talking about. Canada,  australia, NZ, UK, Germany, sweden, france (to some extent), netherlands, norway, etc etc etc. Do I need to keep going? Our cultural cousins, that is who.

All these other white/western nations have a weaker Separation of Powers than the USA.  Why is that so? Well, all those other white/western nations have something called a "parliamentarian" system of government. Ever hear of that? Well, that means the power of the government is mostly in the hands of the lower house. In fact, typically the lower house elects the prime minister (and can dump the prime minister whenever they feel like, in many cases). That means the people have more power (the members of the lower house are elected from small districts, which means the common interests of the electorate are less divided; and also small districts means money has less influence. Nasty, that democracy thing, huh?)

Let's see if we can see what effects this weaker Separation of Powers has on those other nations! Well, for starters, all those other nations get to spend a lot less of their taxes on the military. Gosh, I really like paying trillions of dollars for useless fighter jets, though! Won't someone please think of the corporate profits?!

What are some other effects of that nasty old "majority rule" democracy thing that happens in all those other white western nations that have a weaker Separation of Powers? Well, they have a simple national healthcare system. But I like being extorted for medical care! Aren't we lucky that we have a strong Separation of Powers? Keeps the people from using the government from creating a cheap, simple national healthcare system. Won't someone please think of the corporate profits?!

And, lemme see, all those other nations have cheap (or even free) universities. But I like having our youngsters saddled with debt! Makes them have to work so much harder for so much longer. Debt slavery is a good thing! Won't someone please think of the corporate profits?!

What other effects are there of this democracy-dampening strong Separation of Powers? I will let your congenial readership answer that question....

As for the idea that the media is conspiring to gin up black anger so as to increase black turnout, I doubt it. You need to understand how physical systems work. When there is an ever-present set of forces in a system, and a sequence of potential triggers/catalysts that interact with that system, statistically speaking, from time to time, the triggers/catalysts will cause a cascade event to occur. Some astrophysicists speculate that this is how our universe began. Out of nothing comes something. Random fluctuations in nothingness will --statistically speaking--create something after a certain period of time. Viola, the universe appears!

How does this figger into the Ferguson Race-Baiting Fiasco? Well, let's look at some of the forces involved: Journalists have a certain professional culture. That culture requires them to bend over backwards to accommodate nonwhite claims of racial discrimination by whites against nonwhites. That is a force that is ever-present in our political media universe. There is also a continuous series of potential triggers/catalysts that interact with/impinge upon this media-political universe. Such as? Well, you yourself have pointed out in the past that this is a big nation, and when police have guns, bad things are going to happen from time to time.

Now, the thing is that there have been lots of incidents similar to what happened to Michael Brown, both to black and white and brown kids. It just happens. Statistically speaking, in a nation of this size, it will. Of course the media is not going make a big racial deal about it when it happens to a white kid. But when it happens to a black kid, the potential exists for the hyper-racially-aware, politically correct media to make a Race-Baiting Fiasco out of it.

Probably, in the past year or so, there were several similar cases to Brown's case that did not break through into public consciousness. Brown's case did. Why? Random chance. Which helps explain why the Brown case is another Trayvon-esque fiasco. The case was not vetted for validity, as would have been the case had it been a conspiracy. It just happened, just like the random fluctuations in nothingness may have created our universe. The PC culture of the media, where journalists have fought tooth and nail to get a real journalist job, and are by gosh not going to make any error that would endanger that job, are going to adhere to the PC rules of the media culture and are going to bend over backwards to cater to any calls of racism from blacks.

Any hoo, there is more to it than just that (corporate profits are involved (imagine that!)), but I don't feel like writing any more.

Steve Sailer wrote:
"Have you ever noticed that basically everything you are supposed to believe in these days—feminism, diversity, etc.—turns out in practice to just be another way for hot babes, rich guys, super salesmen, cunning financiers, telegenic self-promoters, and powerful politicians to get themselves even more money and power?"

My response: these exploiters of political correctness get money and power by being noticed by the mass media. Mass media attention makes you money. Money! Money! Money! ...quoth the O'Jays. Some people ....barely need it...Some ta have it!

So how does one become noticed by the corporate media? Well, by working within the system of political correctness and adding your own special little twist to it.

The corporate media rewards adherence to political correctness. The corporate media punishes those who violate political correctness.

If you want to get media attention and get rich and famous you need to be politically correct. You need more than just that, but political correctness is a necessary prerequisite.

The question is why is this the case?

Why does the corporate media, which is funded by advertising purchased primarily by large corporations, reward political correctness and punish political incorrectness?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say...Money! Money! Money!

Let me be bold again and speculate that over the decades the media culture has been shaped and molded by the corporations that feed them. Yeah, I am really going out on a limb there.

What do corporations want? Money, maybe? How do they get money? They buy labor and use that labor to produce goods and services (I knew that business class in high school would pay off!).  How can they increase profits? about by lowering labor costs? How do the corporations lower labor costs? How about by increasing the supply of labor faster than the demand for labor increases? Well, how do you increase the labor pool? Hmm... through political correctness, which raises the social status of females and nonwhites and which results in changing the culture, which results in supreme court decisions mandating affirmative action?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

on scottish independence

polls show the scots are against mass immigration.
But of course the white working class everywhere is against mass immigration.
But the smaller white nations of western europe are the only place the whites are able to control their own government to the degree necessary to fight back against mass immigration. Denmark and Switzerland are example of how small white nations have begun to fight back against mass immigration.
Smaller white nations are decentralized compared to larger white nations. Having small governments helps the majority control the government. Isn’t decentralization of government part of the standard conservative dogma? But strangely none of the prominent political pundits, journalists or bloggers –liberal or conservative — have much good to say about scottish independence. And as for american secession, why, that is simply unthinkable.
The white working class scots are against mass immigration, according a poll. With independence, their government may be small enough to stop mass immigration. The establishment don’t like dat, not one bit.
The white working class scots also like a strong welfare state. Imagine that–being against mass immigration and for a strong welfare state at the same time! The establishment don’t like dat, not one bit.
Seems like all the prominent political pundits, journalists and bloggers –liberal and conservative — are closing ranks against scottish independence. And as for the unthinkable idea that america could disempower washington DC and empower the states, why, that is just….((point and sputter!!)) …unthinkable!!!
I really really hope the Yes vote goes through….

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Long Game

The post below is a post made by me in response to another post here:

I am responding here to a comment stating that white nationalism is being shaped by wealthy people.

Interesting comment.

What you are saying, if I understand you correctly. might be said to align with my "unified field theory" of the origin of movements. What is that?

Well, here goes: all large scale grassroots movements actually come from Big Money.

Let me summarize what I believe about the origin of christianity, the origin of the USA, the origin of the Hitler & Nazism, and the origin of american leftism/civil rights era/multiculturalism.

1. The new testament was written by the roman emperors in order to pacify the militant jews. The flavian roman emperor dynasty created the new testament in order to domesticate the jews. This theory is put forth in Atwill's fascinating book CAESAR'S MESSIAH.

I highly recommend it. Basically, the new testament was a government propaganda project. The romans had done before. It was their modus operandi

when it came to domesticating conquered tribes. The Romans would meld/mix the conquered tribes' ideologies/religion with those of the roman empire.

So the new testament was written by the Flavians (who were basically plutocrats) in order to incorporate the roman empire into the jewish faith and mythology. That way the jews would come to accept the empire and would "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's." It did not really work all that well--the jews rejected the new testament. However, they did create christianity. The old testament was basically a mish-mash of earlier myths and religions (see the "agriculture-based, rising and dying redemption-
oriented god-men" idea from Fraser's book THE GOLDEN BOUGH). Also see the website of Archaya S.

2. The creation of the USA was accomplished by the rich and powerful founding fathers. Madison, the father of the constitution, was worth 100 mill in today's dollar's once he got his inheritance. His backers were basically the richest people in the colonies (washington, morris, et al).

The basic idea of the constitution and the USA as created from the several states was taken from Montesquieu. Madison's idea was the divide et impera principle translated to a pseudo-democracy. The ideas of madison are expressed primarily in 3 documents: 1) federalist paper 10; 2) his notes on the constitutional convention; 3) his 'divide et impera' letter to

The idea was an acknowledgement that democracy was there to stay in america, but the founding fathers created a constitution that would dampen and weaken democracy through the structure of the new federal government.

What was happening was that in the several states, the people were taking control and using the the state govts against the rich. So the founding fathers got rid of the articles of confederation and installed the pseudo-democratic constitution. The principle was to divide the populace by creating larger voting district (president, senate and house). The larger the district, the more factions in that district, and the less able the people would be to unite and discover their common interests, to quote madison. Thus, madison wrote, the structure of the fed govt would "protect the minority of the opulent against the majority."

For more on this, see Dr Jerry Fresia's book TOWARD AN AMERICAN REVOLUTION (located online now), and Dr. Woody Holton's book UNRULY AMERICANS.

2. American multiculturalism is the result of projects seeded by non-profit foundations started by the plutocrats almost 100 years ago. Let me set the stage for you: 100 years ago, in 1914, the american elite/corporations/plutocrats were pumping in millions of cheap labor worker consumers from southern and central europe. But Bolshevism threatened to ruin their party. The new immigrants were really big on socialism and anarchy, etc. See for example the haymarket incident. So american business became afraid that socialism would spread to the USA. See the "red scare" political cartoons from about 1920 and thereabouts to see how american business used propaganda to demonize the socialist/populist
ideology brought in by all these immigrants. 

The result of the red scare propaganda campaign by american business was the immigration moratorium of the early 1920s. The elite stopped mass immigration at that time in order to keep socialism from spreading. And it was spreading--by about 1920 or so, about 25 percent of the representatives in the new york state lower house belonged to the socialist party!

So, the elite stopped their flow of cheap labor. And that immigration moratorium led to the golden age of american labor. Jim Crow kept the blacks out of mainstream jobs and kept the blacks from getting politcal power. So effectively america was a homogeneous white working class paradise. See for example norway, sweden, denmark, austria, etc, but before the tide of third world immigrants. White working class utopias, or at least as close as we can get. The best, in other words. And by the 1950s it was possible for a white man to support his family in a nice home. The supply of labor was restricted, driving up wages.

But the elite don't like working class utopias. So they put an end to that by creating the civil rights movement. And that culminated, decades later, in the multiculti-mass immigration nightmare of today.

How and why did the elite (the plutocrats, corporations, american business in general) create the civil rights movement?

Why? Money. Why else? How does the american corporate/plutocratic regime make more money? One, by weakening the working class majority control of the government. Two, by increasing the supply of labor faster than the demand for labor. Three, by increasing the number of consumers.

So how did the elite do that? Civil rights. Through racial integration, the elite increased the number of factions in the populace. More factions means a less unified public, which means the public is less able to hold its own elected reps accountable. This goes back to the factionalization principle used by the so called founding fathers.

Also, racial and gender integration in the workforce increased the supply of labor, dampening wages. Also, civil rights means more consumers. More sales.

So, more money for the elite.

The civil rights movement was created by the elite foundations, getty, rockefeller, ford foundations etc. They funded activists, writers and academics who had a focus on elevating the social status of women and minorities. All that money snowballed over decades to create fakeLeftism, multiculturalism, etc.

For more on this see Dr. Roelofs' book FOUNDATIONS AND PUBLIC POLICY: THE MASK OF PLURALISM. Also see James Petra online essay on the cultural cold war.

4. The nazi regime was created by the upper class. It was primarily the brain child of the germany army officer class. Understand that 100 years ago in europe the office corps was of the upper class, usually the second or third son of the upper class families would go into the army. So the officer corps in germany had upper class alliances. So, by 1919 the german army was defeated, germany was an economic mess, and bolshevism was raging in europe. The german army officers saw that it was likely that populist leftist workers parties would do in germany what they were doing in eastern europe. So they decided to subvert that inevitable revolution.  They did so by creating a propaganda army. THey hired people to spy on the nascent working class parties. One of those people was hitler.

The real truth is written in a article called "I was hitler's boss", written in the 1930s by an anonymous author. The well known Hitler biographer Kershaw has named the author--it was Karl Mayr, a german army officer who hired hitler into the german army propaganda wing after ww1.

Mayr wrote that hitler was a pauper at the time, homeless, or about to be homeless, and could not have cared less about the jews.

However, the german army officers needed a scapegoat for their counter-revolution. The officer leadership, not Hitler, decided to make jews the scapegoat, and this was decided before hitler was hired as a low level functionary. They wanted the jews because the jews were academics and were therefore a key part of the intellectual foundation of bolshevism, which is what the army officers and the german upper class were really afraid of--they were afraid of a socialist revolt that would take their property.

So they built a counter revolution. This was not hitler's doing. It started before he even got hired. He got in at the bottom, and his talent for oratory promoted him. He was a talented orator because he had only one testicle. That deformity made him an outcast as a lad in his small town. So he would wander the countryside as a boy making speeches. Anyway, hitler got hired and incorporated into his speeches the anti-jew idea given to him by his bosses.

The rest is history.

Hitler was a pawn, in a way. He was the horse the upper class rode in order to divert german working class anger away from socialism. Read that sentence again, cuz it is important with respect to what is happening with the Dissident Right today in america.

Right now we have the american white working class being demonized and filled with white guilt by the multiculti propaganda regime of the elite.

American workers are being marginalized by mass immigration and an increasing lack of control over their own government. Remember, the more diverse a population, the more factions therein. More factions means less unity. Less unity means less control over the gov't by the majority.

So the corporations have more and more control.

Something's gotta give. The white guilt, pro-immigrant, pro-nonwhite propaganda is becoming more and more obvious. The GOP is ostensibly pro-white, but in reality offers only lip service. What is the path forward? A combination of pro-white and anti-corporations, combined with anti-immigration. The Dave Brat phenomenon shows a taste of what is to come.

That nascent white populism offers a way to beat the elite. Brat is anti-immigration AND anti-corporation. This is new. This scares the elite.

But we have a number of nonprofit foundations funded by the elite that want to keep conservatism untainted by anti-corporation ideology.

So what is happening in the Dissident Right movement is that we are being molded and shaped, ideology-wise. Populist economics is being demonized in the Dissident Right realm. Shaping the future is what they are doing,  White nationalism is being steered away from economic populism. They know it is coming, but they want to shape it before it happens. This is the way the elite always operate--it's the Long Game.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

why civil rights are going away

Another internet idiot is moaning about the loss of civil rights.

oh, gosh. Looks like this is yet another idiotic internet blogspot that is going to require a rather lengthy LeftistConservative special rant. Ah, well, someone's gotta do it.

OK, now pay attention. I am only gonna say this once.

The 'civil liberties' thing was an artifact, a side-effect of Capital's war on Labor with respect to Capital expanding the pool of workers and consumers available for the grist mill of Capital. Read that sentence again. Ya don't understand, do ya? No surprise there. Please allow me to expand upon that.

There is a war going on, brotha. It's Capital vs Labor. Capital is winning, big time. But not in the way you think. The whole civil liberties thing really took off when Capital decided to expand the pool of labor and consumers starting, oh, 70 or 80 years ago. In effect, Capital launched a new offensive in that war about that time. As a result of that new offensive, an entire body of civil liberties laws and judicial rulings came in being, were put in place.  The purpose and effect of that body of civil liberties laws and judicial rulings was to elevate nonwhites (black, in particular) in social status and to "integrate" them into white mainstream society. As a result of this "racial integration," the pool of available labor expanded. More supply. That favors Capital. More earners == more spenders. That favors Capital.

Also, a racially integrated society that has minority members in substantial numbers fully integrated and voting means a more diverse society. More diverse== more factionalized. More factionalized == less unity. Less unity means the populace has less power to unite and control the government. That favors Capital.

So, a major tool of Capital in its battle to racially integrate was the body of civil liberties laws and rulings. Civil liberties help prevent the white majority from stopping racial integration.

Now, to the present day. Capital won that battle against Labor. How? Through propaganda used to change the culture over decades. You start with academia. You give grants to academics and activists etc who promote racial diversity, racial integration, and who write books and other materials that make whites feel ashamed of slavery. Never mind that the 1860 census shows that only 1.5 percent of all americans owned slaves (and that you had to be well off to own a slave, in general). Nope. Capital used used its money to create white-guilt propaganda to change the culture, which all snowballed over decades and raised the social status of nonwhites. Nowadays, in many white schools, blacks are seen as the "cool kids" and are highly sought after as friends.

So, now that battle has been won. And now Capital has little use for civil liberties. Well, maybe they have less use for them. Capital is still very interested of course in making sure immigrants of all colors and flavors are protected and feel comfortable coming here.

Anyway, I know you don't understand. But that's just tough...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

what is a strong woman?

a strong woman is one who has been enabled via the establishment to have the confidence to go out there and compete with men for jobs in the workplace and to do well in the workplace. By working, women increase the GDP and increase corporate profits. That makes rich investors richer. But the problem is that women are not evolved to compete with men. That is a problem for the corporations in their insatiable quest for ever more labor and consumers.

Now, how does the establishment enable women to go out and compete in the workplace? Well, for one, laws and judicial rulings that discriminate against men. That helps women.

Also, propaganda empowers women and fills them with the confidence needed to compete in the workplace with men. You go, girl! Etc.

It's all for the benefit of corporate profits. More workers, more labor, more consumers, lower wages, supply and demand, etc.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Tea Party Victory over Eric Cantor

a great thing...CorpGovMedia is really shaken by this one... cantor was an enormous sellout. He was pretending to be against immigration even while he was preparing to sell out his constituents and allow 'immigration reform.'

I was watching an interview with Brat. He launched into what appeared to be the standard GOP anti-welfare spiel. HE started talking about raising the retirement age and all that GOP nonsense.

That is what I really hate about the GOP the most--their anti-welfare state spiel. He started talking about the entitlements (SS, medicare, obamacare etc). But then Brat said something new. He proposed that we bring these programs down to the state level. Now that is something I can get behind. I sincerely believe that in most states if the federal entitlements were brought down to the control of the states that these entitlement programs would actually be more well funded and more generous. The GOP think that by bringing control of the entitlements programs down to the state level, that would lead to less generous entitlements. They think that the fed govt is too generous. Actually however the people want more generous entitlements. And if brought down to the state level, where the people are more in control of things, that is what would happen.

That is perhaps the core GOP misconception--that by bringing things down to the state level it would bring about shrinking of the welfare state. Wrong. The undemocratic nature of the fed govt is why americans don't have real universal healthcare and have less generous welfare state than the other white western nations.

quoting Dave Brat:

“The entire amnesty and low-wage agenda collapses if Cantor loses — all the billions of special interests dollars, all the favors, all the insider dealing — all of it is stopped in its tracks tomorrow if the patriotic working families of Virginia send Eric Cantor back home tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the middle class has its chance to fight back.

Tomorrow, the people of Virginia can show up to the polls and defeat the entire crony corporate lobby.

Tomorrow, we can restore our borders, rebuild our communities, and revitalize our middle class.”

The GOP is against low wages and the "crony corporate lobby"? Maybe we are seeing the start of a radical shift in the parties, such as when the Dems sold out the white working class in the 1960s and shifted allegiance to the white upper class and their cheap nonwhite scab labor. Now perhaps the GOP is actually going to support the economic agenda of the white working class, which is centered around labor supply and demand.

There is a revolution going on, bitches.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The media is now even admitting it outright--immigration reform is all about cheap labor

 The wall st journal site just ran a story showing that eric cantor is getting ready to sell out american workers via immigration "reform". Apparently House GOP leader Cantor is having some latino politician from the Dems come into Cantor's district and give speeches about how Cantor is the only thing stopping immigration reform.

 A quote from the article:

What all this theater is leading to is, in fact, immigration reform, which will be meted out in some kind of compromise between House and Senate leaders.
It’s unequivocally good news for investors: More immigration equals cheaper labor, whether that’s provided for picking corn or processing computer code, with a possible rise in aggregate demand to boot. 

 CorpGovMedia and the elite have us so divided and weak that they can pretty much just do whatever they want. They are now just coming out and admitting it--immigrant labor is cheap labor.

The elite and their pet media are almost gloating now and even rubbing our noses in the complete domination they have over us.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

another nonwhite demigod is being created--maya angelou

There is a war going on. Been going on for centuries. This is the war of Labor vs Capital.

Capital wants to pay Labor less, and Labor wants Capital to pay more.

There is also the law of supply and demand. When supply grows faster than demand, the price drops. Capital wants to grow the supply of labor faster than demand. No prizes for guessing why...

There is also the issue of control over the government. Both sides want more control. The people have more control when they are united. Capital knows this. Capital also knows that diversity weakens unity.

There is also the issue of the white culture in america. In the late 1600s Capital divided the white labor from black labor by creating a legal divide between the races. Capital did this to prevent blacks and whites from uniting against Capital as they did when they burned Jamestown. Subsequently, whites were deemed the superior race by Capital-- in order to divide and rule.

Thus the white working class culture demanded a superior social status over nonwhites. That was the culture that whites were born into.

Then whites ended slavery.

Then Capital wanted more Labor. The cheapest and most plentiful labor available is nonwhite immigration. But in order to obtain this nonwhite foreign labor Capital had to reverse and destroy superior cultural social status of whites, the same one Capital created in the 1600s in order to divide and rule.

That is how the civil rights era was born. The plan by Capital was to obtain cheap nonwhite labor (and consumers and growth) by mass immigration. But white superior social status stood in the way.

Raising nonwhites like MLK and Angelou and trayvon martin to demigod status is part of how Capital elevates nonwhites in social status in order to manufacture consent for more mass immigration.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Michael Sam Phenomenon and the xenophilication of american youth

 Michael Sam the homosexual football player is now the latest popular culture phenomenon being pushed by the corporate media. What are the forces that have created this phenomenon?

Homo (no pun intended) sapiens is evolved to ingest whatever ideas the tribal elders disseminate. That is how we survived 200K years ago, how we were able to implement complex plans and strategies.  The honey bee does its honey dance to tell the other bees how to get to a treasure trove of flowers. Homo sapiens evolved with a big brain capable of devising far more complex plans and strategies for survival.  Homo sapiens is evolved to ingest and internalize ideas.  The tribal elders would concoct a plan to drive the prey into the canyon, or whatever, tell the tribe of the plan, and the tribal members would internalize the ideas handed down to them from the top, commit the ideas to memory and carry out the plan.

These days our elites exploit that characteristic of homo sapiens by molding the culture and young minds via educational curriculum and the media.  Propaganda from the elites has replaced the plans to drive the prey into the canyon, etc. Nowadays our minds are occupied with whatever ideas the elites promote to further the interests of the elites.

America is a human livestock operation with a culture that has been domesticated by the elites, who are effectively a parasitical/predatory subspecies that have domesticated us via our culture. The culture is being engineered to make young people become xenophilic (as opposed to xenophobic). That means that they LIKE those who are different.  Homosexuals, transvestites, third worlders of different races and cultures, etc.

Xenophilic propaganda is crammed into the minds of young americans in school and via the media, then later in life as adults they are more accepting of those who are different, more accepting of outsiders as adults, more accepting of foreigners from strange lands. Xenophilia, the opposite of xenophobia. That is what the corporations crave. They are manufacturing consent for a massive increase in mass immigration.  Multiculturalism and the Inclusiveness Culture is the tool used by corporations to manufacture consent for more mass immigration.

Thus the corporations can more easily cram more third world billions into america, into the american workplaces and neighborhoods, more workers, more consumers, and thereby pump up the GDP and corporate profits.

The corporations are running the long game aimed at manufacturing consent for more mass immigration.

This has been going on for decades now.

It's a livestock operation.

Thanks to the xenophilication of american youth, the continued domestication of the culture, the population of the USA will probably be 600 million by 2060 and the Dow will be at 100,000.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The War On Racism is part of manufacturing consent for more mass immigration

The establishment is demonizing and hatin' on Donald Sterling.

It's Time for The Two-Minute Hate! Be There or be square, ya monkeys! You don't want to be seen as an Evil White Racist, do you? Then join the fun and start hating on Donald Sterling and all Evil White Racists!

 The corporate media, which lives off of advertising purchased by corporations, the government politicians, whose primary funding is from plutocrat and corporate donors, Hollywood, a conglomeration of corporations, all these establishment entities are together in the War Against Racism. Sieg Heil! Ve vill send ze Racists to ze Re-education Camps!

Do you see how they are manipulating you?

Donald Sterling, Trayon Martin, Duck Dynasty, Paula Deen, Don Imus, Jimmy The Greek, how far back do you want me to go?
The Establishment wages a war against Racism. Money is what drives america.

How does money figure into the war on racism?

I don't have to be told that money figures into the war on racism that is being waged by the establishment. I know that things happen in this world because of forces. An apple falls from a tree, and it falls towards the earth, not away from the earth. Every time. I know there is a force that causes this.

Money is the force behind the war on racism.


Don't you think maybe there are reasons why the establishment Big Money is fully behing multiculturalism and united together to persecute any high status whites who might be interpreted as being anti-multiculti? Even one misstep by a high status white is immediately attacked by the establishment. And you fall right in line, don't ya? You see what happens to those that transgress. Don't ya, monkey? And you do what you see. Those at the top punish the transgressors, and you fear the punishment, don't ya, ya monkey?

Political correctness, multiculturalism, affirmative action, the civil rights laws, mass immigration, etc. It is all about growing america. GDP uber alles! Growth Uber Alles! More workers! Flooding the labor supply!

More consumers to buy the junk the establishment is selling us.

Money. Follow the money.

Inclusiveness allows the elite to pump up america's population. All those teeming billions of thirdworlders, most of them clamoring to be in america...the elite want all those billions of third world human livestock...corporate profits would soar if they could import those teeming billions.

But they have to manufacture consent to import those billions. Manufacturing consent for more mass immigration means manipulating you. Putting The Fear of Being An Evil White Racist into you. You fear the Scarlet R, don't ya, monkey?

You don't want to be seen as An Evil White Racist, do you, monkey? Then allow the elite to import the teeming billions. It's the only way to prove you are not an Evil White Racist!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Demonization of Clippers Owner Donald Sterling: it is all about money.

Donald Sterling --owner of the Clippers-- was covertly audiotaped saying forbidden speech regarding his opinions on race, and so therefore he is currently undergoing the standard process of demonization by the corporate media and the elite. Why does this happen?

The elite, the corporations and the plutocrats want to elevate nonwhites in status over whites. Why? Because white majority labor is the enemy of the elite. The elite buy labor. White majority labor is being destroyed by immigrant nonwhite 3rd world labor. But that is what the elite want. They flood the labor supply with cheap foreign labor, and that depresses wages and increases corporate profit. Mass immigration also provides growth for the ravenous corporate maw.

But majority white labor is an obstacle to satisfying corporate greed via mass immmigration.

In order to keep the white majority afraid of speaking out against mass immigration, the elite put the fear of racism into the hearts of the white majority.  The elite make an example of anyone who dares to speak his mind on race.

This is how the elite grow america, grow corporate profits, grow mass media revenues, grow plutocrat wallets--by mass immigration of third world labor, and they keep the white majority afraid of speaking out against mass immigration by making racism into The Ultimate Evil.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rubin Carter is the New Hero of Multiculturalism now being pushed by the corporations

the corporations and their lapdog corporate media are now creating, right before your eyes, another Hero Of Multiculturalism, another tool for creating race guilt in the minds of the majority american race. The Myth of Racism Fighter Rubin Carter is now being created right in front of your eyes. Check google news for a taste of how the corporations are pushing Carter on us, how they are creating a new hero for the corporations' fight for cheap immigrant labor via inclusiveness, which is enabled by race guilt.

Creating race guilt in the minds of the american majority is a big part of helping the corporations manufacture consent for mass immigration.

Mass immigration brings millions of cheap thirdworld workers and consumers, the better to pump up corporate profits.

Multiculturalism is all about growth and corporate profits.

And the corporate media will get their cut of increased corporate profits by way of advertisements bought by increased corporate profits.

Multculturalism uber alles!
Seig Heil!

Growth through Multculturalism uber alles!
Seig Heil!

Friday, April 4, 2014

The War For Inclusiveness...who are the Generals of this war, and why do they fight?

Over on iSteve, Steve Sailer wrote again about World War G (the war for Gay Rights), saying thusly:

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a homophobic face - forever.

And in response someone named  jaakkeli wrote:
"What really matters right now for the West is immigration and conservatives are proven failures on that, again and again and again in one country after another. "

OK, sounds reasonable. Stopping mass immigration would improve america and the rest of the white nations. Sounds good. Maybe we can figger out what is going on, instead of just noticing things. Noticing things is nice. But understanding things is better. But we need to understand before we can do things.

Hey, here is an idea: what if the whole World War G and the War Against Racism and other aspects of political correctness are all caused by the same forces?

See, when I see an apple falling from a tree, I think, "Hey, that's the force of gravity pulling the apple towards the earth."

When I see rust on a car, I think "Hey, that oxidation...molecules in the metal of the car are reacting with molecules in the rest of the world so as to put themselves in a lower state of energy."

Everywhere I look in this universe I see forces and fields interacting with matter. Everything is in this universe has a reason to explain why it is the way it is.

Causes and effects.

Same thing in american society. There are also forces at work here. They have effects.

I think the same forces that causes political correctness and the war against racism also caused World War G. What if we could figure out something about these forces, i.e., their origins and manner of application? Maybe then we could plan and devise a strategy to negate these forces?

OK, let me give political correctness, the War Against Those Evil Racists, World War G, etc., et al., an overarching Name. I put a name to thee!

The War For Inclusiveness.

How about that?

And in every war there are soldiers. Who are the soldiers enforcing the laws of political correctness, who are the ones who punish the transgressors, the homophobes, the racists? Who are ones who point and scream, "Witch! Burn the Witch", er, I mean, point and scream, "Racist! Homophobe! Fire the Racist! Demonize the Homophobe!"

You know who they are. The same ones that shouted "Commie! Pinko! Imprison the Commie!" 60 years ago.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The foot soliders of the elite played their role then, fighting the wars of ideology at the behest of their masters, and they play their roles now. The war is a little different now, but really still the same. It's fought to enhance corporate profits. Ah, corporations.

In every war there are cannon fodder soldiers, and there are officers, and captains etc. And then at the top there are Generals.

Ah, generals. The corporations?
Who and what are the forces that created political correctness, that started The War For Inclusiveness? And more importantly, why did they start it? What are the forces that caused it?

I quote Freddie Blassie from the classic song "Pencil Neck Geeks":

Back when I was a kid, life was going swell.
Till something happened, blew every thing to h*ll.
That night my daddy stumbled in, all pale and weak,
Said "A woman up the block just gave birth to a geek."

Mom said, "Sell it to the circus, what the heck."
Dad said, "Nope, this one's a pencil neck.
And if there's one thing lower than a side show freak,
It's a grit eatin', scum suckin', pencil neck geek."

They say, "these geeks come a dime a dozen."
I'm lookin' for the guy who's supplyin' the dimes.

Who is supplying the dimes here?
And why?

Let me go out on a limb here and say the motivation is Money. Same as it ever was. The generals of this war, those at the top, are fighting this war for Big Money. Same as it ever was.

If we will accept gays, embrace them and welcome their into society openly, then we will accept everyone, even those from foreign lands and from very different lands. Give me gays, and then give me your huddled masses.

How does making americans be more inclusive, more accepting of gays, nonwhites, africans, asians, and every other type of foreigner make those at the top richer?

Ah, that is the question.

Time for me to stop asking, and time for you to start answering.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

multiculturalism is simply a tool of the corporations to increase growth and GDP, thus increasing profits.

I know you kids do not want to hear this, as multiculturalism has been pounded into your heads since youth, but multiculturalism is simply a tool of the corporations to increase growth and GDP, thus increasing profits.

The white american majority needs to welcome with open arms the millions of third worlders that the corporations want to use as human livestock, cheap workers and avid consumers, to pump up corporate profits.

Multiculturalism and white race guilt is pounded into our heads as youth in school, thus helping the oligarchists and their corporations manufacture consent for more mass immigration.

This is a livestock operation, albeit one that is purportedly a democracy, thus requiring our corporate overlords to manufacture consent. This explains why the educational curriculum elevates slavery and white racism to the status of The Ultimate Evil, and why the educational curriculum never mentions the fact that only about 1 percent of all white americans ever owned slaves, and that further only the rich owned slaves, for the most part, because it took a lot of money to buy a slave. Same reason why the educational curriculum downplays the issue of white slavery in america and the fact most white americans have an ancestor who was sold at auction as a white slave. White guilt is the objective. The purpose of the educational curriculum is to make white kids feel guilty about being white and to plant the subconscious idea that in order to atone for the past crimes of whites, that we white americans must bend over backwards to make nonwhites feel good and that we must welcome them with open arms and to even accept them as higher than whites in social status.

This is to meant to encourage nonwhite third worlders to move here. They will not move here if they feel persecuted.

Growth is the objective, growth through mass immigration of fertile, young third world workers/consumers.

This is not a conspiracy. This is the american system.

You have no doubt seen old films of nationalist fascist regimes manipulating the masses with propaganda and nationalist rhetoric. The purpose of all that was of course to mold and shape the populace in order to benefit the elites. You accept that as truth.

But you cannot accept the idea that much the same thing is happening here in america--multicultuuralism is a propaganda tool of the corporations, one used to increase profits.

what is the "driving force" behind the cultural-propaganda push to put gay rights and indeed all forms of inclusiveness? Ah, that is the question.

The total acceptance of gays and the elevation of gays to high social status in western culture is key to promoting an attitude among young americans that they should willingly and warmly accept into america those who are not like us. "Inclusiveness," in a word.

What does having young americans accept outsiders mean to certain powerful segments of society?

It means that lots and lots of cheap 3rd world worker/consumer human livestock can be imported via mass immigration and put to work as busy little bees, working and buying, working and buying, and thereby used to increase the GDP and corporate profits.

Growth through inclusiveness propaganda.

Growth Uber Alles!

Gay rights, multiculturalism, diversity, the idea of inclusiveness and the elevation in social status of those who are different from us, this is all part of the growth strategy of the corporate think tanks that mold and shape policy in america.

If you can get young people to accept those who are 'different', if you can pound white guilt memes into young white minds in school, you can manufacture consent for growth through mass immigration of third worlders, who are very different from us.

All those third worlders need to feel welcome, or else they will not come here. So teach young people to idolize nonwhites, and others who are different from us.

It's not a conspiracy. It is simply the codified washington consensus wisdom that has come out of think tanks over the decades.

More human livestock for the livestock operation that is america, that america has always been.

You want to change it? Fat chance. Do you even understand how democracy happens? Change would require more democracy. How can we get that when we don't even really know what that means?

Friday, March 28, 2014

fakeLeftist drones help the corporations push white guilt on us so the corporations can increase profits

over on the lawyers guns and money blog the fakeleftists cannot handle the truth--that american liberalism is oriented around helping the corporations manufacture consent for more mass immigration and flooding of the labor supply to depress wages and drive up corporate profits. I know they will delete my latest post, so here it is: 

leftistconservative3 says:
hammer home those white guilt memes, ye drones of the corporations.
White guilt is the wedge that allows the corporations to manufacture consent for more mass immigration that will depress wages and fragment the unity of the populace.
Multiculturalism and affirmative action Uber Alles, my little brownshirts!
Seig Heil!
White Guilt Uber Alles, my little brownshirts!
Seig Heil!
GDP Uber Alles, my little brownshirts!
Seig Heil!
Growth Uber Alles, my little brownshirts!
Seig Heil!
More immigrants, more human livestock!
Growth through white guilt Uber Alles, my little brownshirts!
Seig Heil!
And our corporate profits shall grow higher!
Seig Heil!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Norms, politics, memes, policy, all of these things might best be described as quasi-organic entities, shaped and molded over time by the dominant forces of this sociopolitical ecosystem

a quote from a steve sailer article:
"And this is how the drug war works.  There are very, very few people who actually, consciously think like this, putting all the pieces together into one extremely tragic but coherent picture.  But the glue that holds certain lasting social institutions together is often unconscious and buried beneath some protective psychological firewalls."

This is part of what I have been saying for years now: social policy, politics, media/gov't/hollywood/corporate norms, and judicial rulings are affected by forces, forces that are often unspoken, unwritten and often taboo to speak of; Forces that might best be described via force vector maps, a blizzard of forces that are exerted over time.

These forces shape our society over time, much as animal species are shaped over time, eons, through natural selection.

Something like a Supreme Court ruling is like a fruit, a fruit that is grown on a tree. That fruit is the product of the forces that affected the tree over decades. The fruit (Supreme Ct ruling) is like a domesticated animal, shaped by generations of selective breeding.

But what forces affect that fruit the most? What forces in society are strongest? Look at it this way: when it comes to how some senator votes, does your opinion matter more or does the opinion of the K Street Washington DC lobbyist matter more?

Same thing applies to the fruit of the supreme court. Those decisions are the fruit of the forces that impacted the justices back when they were young and impressionable. What forces shaped their minds when they were young?

Norms, politics, memes, policy, all of these things might best be described as quasi-organic entities. This entire sociopolitical ecosystem -- inhabited by these norms, politics, memes, policy, etc--is more or less taboo to address in detail. Both of the major political tribes have certain taboos that extend to certain areas. The 'liberal' political tribe has taboos that are often referred to in the main as "political correctness."